Green Coffee Bean – The Nature’s Own Miracle to Fight Excess Weight

Green Coffee Beans

Nature has given remedy to all problems and that stands true for weight loss as well! Weight loss can be achieved through different medications, harmful chemicals, rigorous workout, strict diet regime, and also through natural products. The natural products are the one derived from nature and are not harmfully processed. One such natural product for … Read more

Promote Healthy Pregnancy with Healthy Habits

Healthy Pregnancy Habits

To promote a healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby, the pregnant mother should be looking at some factors including risk factors and health factors to ensure that the unborn baby has an optimal development in life. Some of these factors include various forms of exercises during pregnancy; healthy eating habits and programs to check the … Read more

Your Guide to Good Nutrition

Your Guide to Good Nutrition

PROTEIN Every body cell needs an adequate supply of protein for building and maintaining health. Greater amounts of protein are required during growth periods: childhood, adolescence, and pregnancy, when new cells must be formed. Best sources of complete protein are meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese. Vegetable (incomplete) protein is found in soybeans and other … Read more

The Ultimate Healthy Guide to Lavender Oil Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Lavender oil uses, benefits and side effects

If you will be given the option to choose only one essential oil, which one you will love to have? The same was the question from hundreds of essential oil users in a conference. It was not a matter of surprise that most of the essential oil users had chosen lavender oil as their favorite. … Read more

Prostate cancer: causes, symptoms and herbal treatment options

Prostate Cancer Herbal Treatment

Prostate cancer affects many men worldwide, and the patient may suffer from symptoms such as swelling or inflammation of the prostate gland, frequent urination (especially at night), pain and erection problems. Prostatitis without a doubt lowers the quality of normal life and even leads to other various health problems if left untreated. Luckily herbal medicine … Read more

10 Tips To Bust Through Muscle Building Plateaus

weight plateau

Are you working out too much but your muscles are not improving? Muscle building plateaus can be humiliating because they can discourage you from exercising, irrespective of whether your goal is to lose weight or strengthen your body. Luckily, you can do something about stagnating in your muscle building goals. Here are 10 tips that … Read more

Top Science-backed natural sleep aids: how to sleep better

natural sleep aids

Since the start of our time here on Earth, humans and animals take their time to rest and sleep. Trying to alter this vital habit is just plain futile, which, unsurprisingly, we try to do today. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has already raised the alarming sleep insufficiency among adults as a public … Read more