Getting hinted about Cosmetic Dentistry

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Getting hinted about Cosmetic Dentistry

The important ones, who strive to bring a healthy functionality and appearance to the oral cavity are dentists. More number of words may seem to flatter; however, these individuals have to get abundant of credits for their meticulous task. This profession has been well categorised, among which is a part named Cosmetic Dentistry.

The term, ‘Cosmetic Dentistry’ mainly revolves around the task of improving the appearance of the teeth and gums. Though this part of dentistry deals with the appearance of bite too, it doesn’t necessarily count on the improvement of parts’ functionality. Dental aesthetics are highly taken care of which necessarily include colour, alignment, shape, size, position and the entire appearance of one’s smile.

Various grounds cosmetic dentistry has involved itself into: 

  1. Getting the teeth or gums added with a dental material. These materials may include crowns, gum grafts and porcelain veneers.
  2. Getting gum or tooth structure removed.
  3. Getting the task of neither addition nor removal of dental materials, gums or tooth structure into action.
  4. Bringing a better appearance to the face. This task has to follow the procedure of straightening of teeth. This wholesome task has been placed under orthodontics.

Materials introduced into cosmetic dentistry since its birth: 

The initial dental fillings had got a lot to do with gold, amalgam and certain other metals. Tooth restorations were also known for using these materials. Some of these materials were veneered with porcelain, which is itself a ceramic material. The further improvements in cosmetic dentistry led to dental work being entirely made of composite materials or porcelain. The procedure involved the task of bringing a bond between these materials and the underlying tooth structure by making a use of resin adhesives. Though dental amalgams can be regarded as liquid mercury, these composite materials are free of mercury.

Various processes of cosmetic dentistry: 

  1. Whitening

Its one of the most common procedures carried out in dentistry. Over the counter products have been quite popular in the recent years. However, whitening treatments carried out under the wise supervision of dentists are the better choices. Tooth whitening isn’t limited to just a handful of options. Its scope includes many choices including laser whitening too. Laser whitening facilitates the technique of covering one’s gums with rubber and the application of a bleaching chemical on the teeth. Furthermore, a beam of argon laser is opted for getting projected upon the teeth. This beam has got its significance due to the fact that it can give a boost to the rate of bleaching. Laser whitening is preferred over other procedures of whitening as its results come out 6 times better from others.

  1. Bridging

Bridging includes the process of replacement of missing teeth. The teeth present on either sides of the space are prepared. The further processes include the making of a bridge. Ante’s Law and the position of teeth in the mouth are used to determine the viability of a bridge. Majority of the bridges are fixed in nature. However, the areas in the mouth present under less stress make use of cantilever bridges. These bridges are mainly used for the replacement of front missing teeth. The average life span of bridges can range to ten years. However, bridges require the maintenance of oral hygiene and bring on certain risks too.

  1. Implants

Implants are replacements for missing teeth. They are prosthetic in nature. A dental implant has got three parts. The first one includes an implant device. It has been designed to be inserted in the bone and is made up of titanium. The second one is the abutment while, the last one includes a denture. A denture is also called a dental crown and is connected to the implant with the help of the abutment.

Dentist in Midtown Atlanta have got a positive attitude towards Cosmetic Dentistry. Just as they promise, their experience, integrity and skill has led to flawless results. Keeping smile on the top of every precious attribute these skilled individuals strive to give their patients self-confidence through a better smile. Besides being the hardest substance in the body, teeth not only pose their importance for chewing but also make speech an area requiring their presence.

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