12 Natural Health Remedies for Children

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12 Natural Health Remedies for Children

Is your child prone to flu, cold or any other health issues very often? Is your kid too small for all those medications? Then this article might help.

Natural remedies are always way better and gentle then store bought medicines. They may take sometimes, but these are more beneficial in the long run. So try some ingredients you can find in your refrigerator and kitchen which might help your kid to ease a lot of health issues.

1. Fight a cough and sore throat with Honey and lemon:

A sore throat is very common in kid nowadays. But you can find the solution in your kitchen so easily.

Mix lemon and honey in 1:1 quantity and warp it up a little bit. Make your child swallow one teaspoon of the mixture every time.

Lemon fights all the bacteria that might cause the congestion and honey smooth the throat. Together they can work wonder on your child and put him in easy.

But make sure you are applying this remedy on your child only if he is above 1 year old. Studies have shown that honey is not for children below 1 year.

2. Ease the bug bite with baking soda:

Kids often go out to play and come home with a bug bite. Bug bites sometimes cause pretty good irritation on the skin.

But don’t worry. Just go to the kitchen and make a fine paste of baking soda with water. Layer it on top of the bug bite and let it dry. Then wash it off. It will

3. Stop the nosebleeds with Cayenne pepper and cotton swab:

Don’t panic seeing sudden nosebleed of your child. Just place your child’s head upright position and clean his nostrils by pinching them. Then take some cayenne pepper with a wet cotton swab and place it into his nose. Softly dab the swab in the nostrils and see the results.

4. Solve the car sickness with ginger –water:

Is your child constantly complaining about car sickness? Then ginger –water can really have your back.

Just boil some finely chopped ginger in boiling water. Then let it sit until cool down. Make your child drink it half an hour before the ride. According to babywalkerreview.com, your baby safety is first. So don’t forget about it.

5. Vanish the Swelling with the cool cucumber:

Children can get swelling anytime. Just apply some freshly cut cucumber slice or paste on top the place. Cucumber will sooth the area of swelling and make your child feel better.

6. Chew a gum and get rid of indigestion:

Is your child having an indigestion problem after a meal? Just give him a chewing gum. Chewing a gum produces saliva which contains lots of enzymes which aid in digestion.

7. Ear inflammation after swim class:

Is your child getting ear inflammation after swimming? The reason may be trapped water in the ear. Use your blow dryer on the warm setting and blow your child’s air from a distance. It may help in getting out the water.

8. Pain or itching in the ear:

Are kids complaining about itching or minor pain in the ear? Then olive oil may be your best option.

Just place your child’s head in a way so that the ear remain vertical. Then put olive oil into the ear by a small drop. You can take help of a dropper as well.

9. Tummy crump and yogurt:

Sudden tummy crumping? Just make your child eat a spoon full of yogurt and see the aching going away in just a few minutes.

10. A cough and salt water:

A cough is very common in every house nowadays with kids. But do you know you have a very easy solution to this problem?

Just mix some salt with water. You can also warm the solution a little bit if you want.

Make your child gargling with the solution. Do this twice a day to see the better result.

11. Congested nose and saline solution:

If your child is too small for blowing the nose, then consider using a bulb syringe with saline solution. Put the solution by drops in each nostril. Place your kid’s head upright position.

12. Ice and headache:

Placing a towel containing ice cube on the forehead can relive your kid’s headache.

Final verdict:

Children are so prone to sudden health issues. Parents start to seek medical help for every minor problem. But you can easily treat your child or give him the initial relief just by using some home remedies around your house. These remedies have been passed down to us for centuries.

But keep in mind, these remedies are for the minor problem or initial help purpose. If your child is in a severe condition or you find your child not getting any better after these remedies, consult a doctor.

Take a good care of your child’s health.

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