Why You Are Not Losing Weight: Shocking Discovery

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Why you are not Losing Weight

Trying to lose some weight by sticking to a particular weight loss diet? If yes, it is likely you are here because whatever you are doing isn’t working.

According to several diet experts, one thing that makes weight loss a frustrating task for many is that many are never in control of the calories they take in no matter how hard they try. The fact is, even with the right weight loss nutrition, there is always a high chance you are injecting more calories into your system than you thought.

Here is one thing many people fail to realize – it is never the diet that leads to weight gain. It is your eating habit: How you eat, what you eat and when you eat it. It also depends on the food type you like, how it is prepared and how it is served. In fact, that is the main reason you always advised not to starve yourself.

With that in mind, here are some of the few things you might be doing that are making your weight loss strategy an impossible task.

1. Eating straight from a refrigerator

If you have a habit of buying and eating frozen foods, stop. According to one diet expert, Rachel Harvest who is also connected to Tournesol Wellness, more often food manufacturers add sodium to frozen meals so that the natural ingredients in these foods can remain fresh for an extended period when stored in a freezer. Sodium isn’t bad, but it will make you feel and look bloated no matter how many pounds you want to let go.

Rachel Harvest also mentioned that food manufacturers ensure that these foods are worth every penny you pay. One or two bites might contain the same amount of calories you get from a full plate of your normal home-cooked meals including breakfast, lunch, and supper. The funny thing is, these foods will never make you feel full unless you buy a couple of boxes.

2. Drinking lots of calorie-laden liquids

Recent research finding showed that people in the US obtain approximately 21 percent of their calories from drinks such as alcohol, sodas, sweetened juices, teas and coffee containing sugar and cream. What happens is that many people assume that drinks are never harmless despite having calories. When trying to lose weight, you will feel hungry most of the time especially if you are an overeater.

One of the greatest mistakes you are likely to make is, drinking a lot of liquid foods to fill yourself up without inquiring about the number of calories therein. If you are doing this, stop.Instead of drinking calorie-laden liquids, drink water, vegetable juice or a small portion of fruit juice. If it has to be alcohol, ensure you go with drink options that are lighter.Eating straight from a refrigerator

3. Skipping important meals

Several studies have shown that those who skip breakfast are heavier than those who don’t. While it might seem like you are reducing the amount of calories entering your system, skipping breakfast encourages you to take more calories during the day. The worst part is, you will be taking more calories the time you don’t need it. What people forget is that breakfast meals work best to kick-start metabolism making it easier for the body to burn more calories.

Also, it gives you the energy that will help you complete your daily duties. Apart from that, several studies also claim that breakfast improves your memory, reduces unhealthy LDL cholesterol and makes weight loss much easier. Instead of skipping breakfast, stick to three healthy meals per day.

4. Moving too fast

One undeniable fact is, your weight loss diet plan won’t work if you aren’t disciplined enough. You have to stick to the right diet no matter how torturing it can be. The bad news is, restricting yourself too much can get out of hand, especially if the results are taking more time to show. The point is, you can’t change your eating habit in one day. It is a must be a gradual process and requires you to be careful with your new choices. For example, if you are planning to stop eating your favorite after-dinner sugary or fatty snack, you have to start slowly.

If you were fond of eating it every day, you could start by skipping one day without eating it. If you can manage it, try skipping two days and so on. However, this does not permit you to look for other bad alternatives. As mentioned earlier, you are supposed to stick to three meals per day. So, if you are are trying to avoid your favorite after-meal snack, ensure you don’t replace it with something much worse. If you have to replace it, go for something healthier.

5. Too much focus on the scale

Many people who are trying to let go of some few pounds are always in a hurry to see how many pounds they’ve lost before they even start losing. While it seems thoughtful to track your weight when dieting, focusing too much on the scale can be demotivating. It might even affect your efforts in the long run.

What many people forget is that weight loss is gradual. It might be slow, but if you remain disciplined, you will be able to see some changes in some few days or weeks. Instead of focussing on your weight. Focus on your body changes. For example, try to see if your tight trouser is getting loose around your thighs or waist. Avoid scales until it is after a week or two weeks. Keep in mind, the best weight loss goal is approximately 2 lbs per week.

6. Too much low-fat foods

There is no doubt that fatty food will add to your weight. But fat is one of the things that makes your favorite foods delicious. Unfortunately, food manufacturers are aware of that. They want you to come back, so they will add thickeners and sugar to boost its flavor. The point is, there are high chances you will be taking a lot of sugar into your body by avoiding fatty foods. Unless you are preparing all the food you eat, it is vital that you find some balance between sugary and fatty foods.

You can replace your favorite fatty foods with healthy fat from nuts, avocado, olive oil and more. Fat in your meals will not only boost your metabolism, but it will help transport the required vitamins throughout your body, help repair damaged tissues and more.

7. Not exercisingNot exercising

Losing weight means burning fat and that can’t happen if your spend most of your time on the couch doing nothing. Even if you’ve managed to stick to some of the healthiest foods on the planet, your body won’t manage to reduce a calorie if you can’t get it working. In addition to your nutrition plan, you must find a way to fit a workout program in your weekly program.

Exercising will not only help you lose some pounds but also help you get the body type you desire. You don’t have to engage in vigorous workouts. What you need is, challenge your body. Instead of sitting around doing nothing, you can try some of the easiest home exercises named below.

• Abdominal curls – To flatten your belly

• Piques – To slim your body

• Pretzel Hip Lifts – To tone your legs

The bottom line

Achieving the weight you desire can be hard or easy depending on how you do it. Sticking to healthy recipes and moving more might not be enough if you don’t know what is getting into your system each time you take a bite. If you are not cautious enough, altering your nutrition might encourage you to take in more calories than before. So, don’t be too hasty, know what you are eating and most importantly, avoid all the mistakes mentioned above.

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