What Is Kefir: Benefits and Side Effects

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Kefir Benefits

What Is Kefir

Do you happen to know what kefir is? Kefir is a unique fermented milk drink that promotes normal functioning of the bowels. This product is considered dietary due to its low calorie content. Apparently, many people drink kefir in the evening. Those who care about their shape prefer to satisfy their hunger before bedtime with a cup of kefir. The homeland of kefir is located in Caucasus. The technology of kefir production was patented in Russia.
Kefir is considered to be one of the most useful dairy products in the world. It normalizes the activity of the stomach and intestines, has beneficial effects on the nervous system and metabolism, reduces the risk of cancer and has many other advantages.
If you examine kefir closer, it becomes clear that it’s really an amazing and unique drink. According to some researchers, kefir includes up to 22 kinds of microorganisms, the most important of which are lactic streptococci, including flavoring species lactic coli, yeast and acetic acid bacteria.

Kefir Benefits

First of all, let’s see what the benefits of kefir are. Many pediatricians recommend including this particular dairy product in the baby food diet. Its primary benefit is the ability to normalize intestinal microflora, positively affecting the digestive process. Due to this benefit of kefir, physicians recommend to include it in the diet while taking medications. Medicines are assimilated faster, and their side effects are reduced.
Kefir benefits, undoubtedly, people who have allergies or are suffering from dysbiosis.
Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, kefir greatly benefits people with infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This is particularly important for those who have low gastric acidity.
Kefir also helps to eliminate toxins from the body and prevents the growth of pathogenic microbes. After food poisoning, kefir is worth including in the daily diet.
Kefir also enhances immunity. Doctors recommend drinking a cup of kefir daily on an empty stomach during epidemics of SARS and influenza.
The ability to recuperate after a disease is also peculiar for this dairy product.
Kefir is one of the most popular and favorite drinks of women. Firstly, the benefit of kefir is in its dietary properties. Many nutritionists recommend consuming fresh kefir just before bedtime. It is proven that the calcium in kefir is much easier to digest when a person is asleep, and the benefits of kefir increase. Secondly, it has the ability to remove headaches during menstruation and menopause. And finally, it eliminates nausea during pregnancy.
For people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, kefir can help relieve the load on the heart muscle.

Kefir Side Effects

What is Kefir
Kefir’s side effects are incomparable to its useful properties. Since this is a fermented milk product, kefir is obviously harmful for people with high acidity of the stomach. Kefir is also contraindicated in pancreatitis and peptic ulcer.
Kefir is not recommended to drink during stomach bloating and diarrhea. Drinking it is also prohibited for children under 8 months old.
Sometimes, kefir can act as a sedative. Therefore, drinking kefir before exams and important events is not the best solution. Your body’s reaction and ability to concentrate may be reduced.


To summarize, kefir is one of the few products that have a small number of contraindications. Kefir is a product of health, strength and beauty.

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