Swedish Bitters Benefits, Uses, Preparation

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Swedish Bitters Benefits

The Swedish Bitters is an herbal tonic that is initially meant to improve digestion. Very soon after, it was discovered that it can do more than just that. Its formula was discovered by Paracelsus in the 18th century and then revived by two Swedish medics named Dr. Urban Hjarne and Dr. Claus Samst, thus its name. In these modern times though, the tonic was popularized by an herbalist from Austria named Maria Treben.

This special tonic is composed of different herbs as main ingredients. Its contents are myrrh, senna leaves, aloe, angelica root, camphor, manna, zedvoary root, carline thistle, rhubarb root, and theriac venezian. Aloe is its most active ingredient. The rest of the herb extracts are combined with water to complete the formulation. The Swedish Bitters can be taken orally, although it can be applied topically as well. It currently has two versions in the market – the alcoholic type and the non-alcoholic version.

How to Make Swedish Bitters

It is quite possible for anyone to make their own version of the Swedish Bitters, in contrast to buying those ready-made bottles from the store. Just gather up all the ingredients listed below and you will be able to proceed with making your own. Below is a simple Swedish Bitters recipe that you can follow.


10g Aloe
10g Senna Leaves
10g Camphor
10g Zedvoary roots
10g Angelica roots
10g Manna
10g Theriac Venezian
10g Rrubarb Roots
5g Myrrh
5g Carline Thistle Roots
0.2g Saffron


Mix all the ingredients very well together and place them in wide-necked bottle of about 2 liters in capacity. Add one and a half liters of 40% rye solution or fruit spirit into the mixture. Leave the bottle standing near a stove or in the sun for about two weeks. Be sure to shake the solution daily. On the 14th day, strain the solution and pour it into smaller bottles. Cover properly but this time, store it in a cool, dry place. That will be your final Swedish Bitters solution. This solution can be used for several years, using only when needed. Just shake well before you intend to.

How to Make Swedish Bitters from Ready-made Preparations

If you feel that gathering all of the 11 ingredients of the Swedish Bitters is a little too difficult, you can always settle for the ready-made preparation. They usually come in bags with all the important dry ingredients contained therein. For this procedure, you will need the following:


1 bag of choice Swedish Bitters
1 liter of alcohol, Everclear 95%
1/2 gallon glass jar


Open the bag of Swedish Bitters and pour all contents into the jar. Pour 3 cups water over 2 cups Everclear alcohol into the mixture. Shake the jar. Put the lid on it and make sure that it is airtight. Put the bottle inside a paper bag and place it next to a stove or under the sun. Shake daily for 14 days. Strain the mixture and put in smaller jars after two weeks. The tonic should be ready to use, just remember to shake well before doing so.
Swedish Bitters

Swedish Herbs Health Benefits: Internal Use

Swedish Bitters are known to provide a range of health benefits both internally and externally. It is supposed to be taken in orally, which dosage running from half a teaspoon. When taken regularly, the following are the health benefits of this tonic to the internal organs:

1. Stomach

Swedish Bitters, when taken before every meal both during the day and night, can help improve one’s digestion. It can also relieve problems such as stomach cramps and constipation.

2. Nose and Throat

One teaspoon of Sweet Bitters combined with water gargled regularly will help prevent the instances of tonsillitis. To prevent sinus infections, on the other hand, simply rub the tonic over the forehead and on the bridge of the nose. The herbs can help prevent bacterial infection while unclogging the sinuses.

3. Blood and Blood vessels

Swedish Bitters can cleanse the blood and improve its circulation. When taken regularly, the instances of hemorrhoids are unlikely to appear. Better blood circulation also means a stronger and a more alert body.

4. Gall Bladder and Kidneys

This natural tonic can also help clear gall bladder and kidney stones when taken regularly. The herbs in the tonic work together to dissolve calcium crystals and other solids formed inside the two organs.

 Swedish Herbs Health Benefits: External Use

Aside from being taken in orally, Swedish Bitters can also be used externally. It can be applied over the problem areas of the body to achieve full and total healing. Some of the health issues where Swedish Bitters can help are:

1. Insect bites

Simply apply a generous amount of the tonic on the affected area and that will speed up the healing process. It can also be used with cold compress, if the area is too large for direct application. Be sure to use Swedish Bitters right away after having been bitten by any insect for the best result.

2. Mouth problems

For mouth problems such as toothaches, tongue blisters, and mouth sores, simply use Swedish Bitters as a mouthwash. Dilute 1 tablespoon of it in a tall glass of water. Alternately, an herbal tea can also be used to improve the effect.

3. Wounds

Any wound can be healed by Swedish Bitters if applied on the area immediately. Apply an ointment first. Soak a cotton ball in the Swedish Bitters solution. Secure the cotton ball over the wound. Put it in place using a gauze, a bandage, or both. Leave alone for hours. Repeat the next day until the wound is healed.

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