Sicoly French fruit and puree supplier

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Sicoly french fruit supplierSicoly French fruit supplier
At present, the SICOLY – SICODIS cooperative group boasts of over 150 member producers who grow and harvest approximately 10 000 tonnes of top quality fruit on 570 hectares of orchards annually. The cooperative group enjoys a top role among various French players in fresh fruit production and is an indispensable supplier to experts in the fields of pâtisserie, ice-cream production, restaurants and bars, with a comprehensive range of processed and frozen fruit.

Sicoly fruit supplier
The Sicoly French fruit supplier cooperative was started in 1962 after the union of several producers with the objective of promoting their different fruits in the French national market. Sicoly’s orchards stand in an entirely natural environment that is ideal for fruit growing, thanks to its fertile soil and encouraging sun-maximizing position. The Romans cultivated vines here on a large scale basis from an early date to supply the city of Lugdunum (present-day Lyon) and Gaulls. The setting up of an irrigation scheme in the Lyon hills in 1970 encouraged the development of a thriving fruit-growing zone in the expanse.

Fruit supplier
As a fruit puree supplier, Sicoly brings forth an extraordinary variety of processed fruit products such as the fruit puree that are hale and hearty and made out of first-class quality mature fruits. The fruit purees undergo a thermal process and then they get packed aseptically to preserve 100% freshness, aroma, flavor and color. The fruit is passed via a chain of processes, which includes washing, deseeding, and cutting, de-stoning, ripening, refining, inspecting and lastly obtaining the puree through the vacuum method by fruit supplier. Sicoly’s exceptional strength purees are derived from the top quality raw fruits and are intended to add fresh fruit aroma and texture to the finished product. The puree concentrates are an excellent way to boost natural fiber and fruit flavor. Being among the best fruit puree concentrate suppliers, Sicoly provides a wide range of puree concentrates made from natural and high-quality fruits. Some of the top quality fruit concentrates, and purees are Red Papaya Puree, Mango Puree, Banana Puree and much more. For more about Sicoly products visit their website.

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