Plum Benefits and Side Effects

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Plum Benefits

Plums don’t just taste good – they are streaming with lots of health benefits too. Plums belong to the Rosaceae family of plants and there are quite a lot of variants of them out there. These fruits are simply one of the most nutritious choices for the season because of the following benefits:

1. Helps in weight reduction

There mere fact that plums have zero calories while containing lots of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, can only mean they are the best food choices every time you are on a diet. These fruits are not only tasty – they are quite filling too.

2. Protects the heart

Plums are rich in potassium that can regulate blood pressure and drastically reduce the risks of stroke. Taking them regularly is highly recommended for people suffering from blood diseases and heart problems.

3. Can fight certain cancers

The reddish blue pigment found in certain varieties of plums is rich in antioxidants that can wipe out most of the free radicals inside the body. This pigment is called anthocyanins, which protects the entire body from certain cancers.

4. Improves the functions of the digestive tract

Plums contain lots of dietary fibers, as well as isatin and sorbitol. These two substances are known to help in regulating the functions of the digestive system. It has been said that a plum a day can keep constipation away. Even dried plums or prunes can help in regulating a person’s bowel movement.

5. Improves eyesight

Fresh plums are rich in beta carotene and Vitamin A. If you specifically want to enjoy this particular health benefit of plums, just look for the yellow Mirabelle types. Aside from a healthy set of eyes, the Vitamin A is also good for the skin, lungs, and teeth.

6. Lowers blood sugar

Diabetics should look forward to eating plums as they are the fruits with the lowest glycemic index. Plums can help reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes as it can regulate a person’s blood sugar with regular intake.

7. Keeps the bones strong

Plums, when taken regularly, can increase bone density. Studies have shown that the regular intake of plums is more beneficial than eating apples as far as healthy bones are concerned.

8. Improves the memory

Because of the rich antioxidants present in plums, the cells in the brain are least damaged. As such, one will enjoy sharper memory for a longer period of time. Prunes are the best alternatives to nuts as far as snacks for the brain is concerned.
Plum Benefits

Plums Side Effects

While plums are clearly one of the most nutritious fruits available today, those who want to take this fruit – including the dried version of it – should be wary about the following possible side effects when consumed in high amounts:

1. Increased risks for kidney and bladder stones

Plums are high in oxalate, which in turn, reduces calcium absorption. Since oxalate and calcium deposits are what causes kidney and bladder stones, patients prone to this disease are advised to consult with their doctors first.

2. High acid content

Plums belong to the league of oranges, green apples, pineapples, lemons, limes, grapefruits, tangerines, and tomatoes. If you can’t take the list of fruits above due to their acid content, you may not take plums either.

3. May interfere with certain medications

Although plums have lots of nutritional benefits, they may possibly interfere with certain drugs and medications when eaten in high amounts. The blood sugar lowering effect of plums, for example is not recommended for people who will undergo surgery. Those who will be operated on by a surgeon should stop eating plums two weeks prior.

Delicious Plum Recipes

To add plums into your daily diet, the following recipes are highly recommended:

Plum Barbecue Sauce

If you want your next barbeque party to be extra special, this plum barbeque sauce recipe will surely make your guests ask for more.


6 pieces seeded fresh plums
1 stick cinnamon
1 1/2 tbsp barbecue sauce
1/2 tbsp minced garlic
1/2 chopped onion
1/2 cup sugar
1 stick cinnamon
1/4 cup of water
1/4 cup of rice wine

Mix all ingredients in a saucepan and simmer for about 20 minutes, or until plums become soft. Remove cinnamon stick. Cool. Pour into a food processor or blender. Make a smoothie. Refrigerate for a week. Use the sauce on your the next barbeque party.

Stewed Plums

If you don’t want to eat those plums fresh, then make a stew out of them instead. This easy-to-follow recipe is perfect as a side dish or dessert.


3 lbs plums
1 cup sugar
half teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 cup water
2 tbsp cornstarch


Wash the plums and cut them into halves. Remove pits and cut in half again. Add sugar and cinnamon. In a bowl, dissolve cornstarch in cold water. Pour over to the plum. Cook very slowly over low heat for 3 hours. Serve as a side dish, appetizer, or dessert.

Roasted Plums

If you’re a little tired of fresh plums for dessert, try this recipe. You’ll surely love this nutritious fruit even more.


1 and 1/2 lbs red plums, sliced and pitted
1/3 cup orange juice
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg


Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Put plums in a baking dish. In small bowl, combine cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and sugar all together. Sprinkle mixture over the plums. Drizzle with orange juice. Toss. Cover with foil. Roast.

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