The health benefits of watermelon and its side effects

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Watermelon Health Benefits

In the modern world, one must be very careful about his/her health and a popular saying also states “Health is wealth”. Fresh fruits and vegetables are necessary for everybody to keep their system functioning and going all day long for days. Fresh fruits and vegetables are necessary to keep our body and mind healthy and among fruits watermelon plays a beneficial role in keeping our body healthy and functioning. As watermelon has many benefits it also has many side effects if one consumes too much of these fruits. Watermelon benefits are typically uncountable and many and some of these many benefits are listed below:

  • Firstly a good source of vitamins (A, B6 and C) and in addition to it, it also contains antioxidants and phytochemicals that help in maintaining the body. Also watermelon contains lycopene that gives the particular red color to the fruit. Health benefits of watermelon are actually expansive and the fruit also contains traces of the mineral potassium which helps in the day to day functioning of the body.
  • The phytochemicals help in lowering blood pressure and the lycopene helps fight cancer and increase immunity. Watermelons have too much water content and one of their many watermelon benefits is that they provide with ample water and minerals to the eater.
  • One of the best quenchers of thirst this fruit has huge storage of antioxidants and helps restore the minerals and salts of our body.
  • Seeds are also essential as they are full of anti-oxidants and help revitalize the mind and body.

Watermelon health benefits thus jointly include the red flesh as well as the seeds and some of the benefits of watermelon seeds are:

  • It improves memory, fights colon cancer and also it is given to the sick to help recover from illness.
  • The seeds can be grinded and a substitute for milk is created which is strong in vitamins and proteins and carbs.
  • It also cures diabetes, cancer and gives nourishment to the body.

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Side Effects Of Watermelons

These above are some of the benefits of watermelon seeds and flesh that have good effects on the body of a human. But one must always remember that one must not buy just any watermelons but only those that have a symmetrical shape as these are the best and the more they are greener the better they are. And one thing that one must also remember is that besides the benefits of watermelon there are quite a few number of disadvantages associated with excessive eating of watermelons. Some of them are listed below:

  • Actually it is the excessive lycopene that causes the problem associated with too much consumption of watermelons; it causes indigestion, gas formation, nausea and vomiting because too much of anything is not good at all.
  • Thus intestinal disturbance is one of the prime reasons of having so many watermelons in a day and especially for elderly people because the intestinal tract is weaker with age and the symptoms are more exaggerated than normal.
  • Watermelons contain high levels of potassium and high potassium levels can lead to complexities of the heart and the nervous system. Too much of potassium can mess with the normal heart beats, weak or absent pulse and can lead to heart attack. It can also lead to damage of kidneys and control of motor nerves.
  • People suffering from the kidney problems must refrain from eating too many watermelons as it can seriously cause internal damage.
  • Many people may have allergy to watermelons and eating them can trigger various allergic reactions in the body like rashes, itching, sneezing etc. obviously then watermelons are a strict no-no for them.
  • Too many watermelons increase the levels of Nitric Oxide which has a relaxing effect on the body.
  • It may also decrease the blood pressure and in many cases this may be harmful as too much decrease in the blood pressure may cause the internal arteries to be damaged.
  • Too many watermelons can decrease the blood sugar levels and ultimately damage the kidneys as decrease in blood sugar triggers the production of insulin which may hamper the kidneys.
  • As we can see that consuming too many watermelons can cause detrimental effects on the body on organs such as kidneys, nervous system, heart, arteries and nerves.

Thus we can see that this article describes health benefits of watermelon as well as its disadvantages it can have on the human body. Lush green watermelons are good for the body and those with a good spherical shape have more nutrient contents than those with irregular shapes. Found in sandy areas, this fruit is an ideal summer fruit and provides comfort to people who are thirsty and need nutrients.

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