Health benefits Of Spinach And Side Effects That Some May Experience

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Health benefits of spinach

There are plenty of health benefits of spinach, when consumed in  the right amounts. Furthermore, eating this powerful super food at least 4 times per week can also help to ward off certain health issues. Nonetheless, while there are plenty of reasons to eat this daily, for some people they might have certain side effects that could cause them irritation when eating this particular food.

The many health benefits of spinach include getting the following vitamins, A, B, Riboflavin, Niacin, C, Calcium, iron, phosphorus, Potassium, Protein, Carbohydrates (the good kind) and this is just one of the added benefits to this food. Some of these vitamins can be extremely helpful to those who may already be having certain health issues, such as high blood pressure, breast, lung, or prostate cancers, and even poor eyesight issues. Taking in at least 1/2 a cup of raw or cooked spinach per day does help to provide the proper amounts many people need in their bodies to reap the many benefits.

For any person who may be having trouble with their bones the health benefits of spinach can also help with this. This is because this super food has the right amount of calcium inside of it that many doctors will tell their patients this nutrient is needed to help support their overall bone health. However, for those that might already be taking certain calcium tablets, they might want to ask their doctor what would be a safe amount of spinach for them to eat.

Eating this vegetable can also be linked to helping those patients who might be having other health issues. Many studies have showed that for  people who may be suffering from anemia, inflammation of the nerves, bronchitis, osteoporosis and obesity, by eating spinach this actually helped to improve their conditions over time. This food can be used in place of lettuce when making salads, and  top it off with adding in fresh tomatoes can also help to balance out the vitamins in this super food to help the body to absorb it more easily.

Another health benefit that many can get from consuming this vegetable can be linked to helping those with certain eye issues. For any person who might already be wearing glasses, or may have night blindness, the health benefits of spinach have also been linked to helping this. This is because of the vitamin A levels this vegetable has in it.

Another health benefit this food has been linked to is the help with insomnia, along with anxiety and stress reduction levels. When consumed at least 4 times per week, those who had been having high levels of anxiety, and sleep troubles did report improvements in those areas. This could be due to the vegetable having a large amount of other nutrients in it such as magnesium and zinc.

When the body is short on these 2 nutrients alone it can often lead the person to having more anxiety attacks, and sleepless nights. Getting these back into the body may be very simple to correct, just by eating more spinach in the persons diet. Furthermore, if they are taking certain anxiety medications, the individual will first want to check with their doctor to ensure it will not interfere with them.

While there are plenty of health benefits of spinach, for some people they might need to seek the advice from their physicians prior to eating it. For any person who might have kidney stones, this super food may cause those health issues to flare up. Many times the doctor might actually tell their patients to avoid spinach altogether.

In addition, for any person who might be taking blood thinners for blood clots, they also might be warned not to consume spinach. That is because the vegetable has high levels of the vitamin “k” which often needs to be avoided while on certain blood thinners such as coumadin. For anyone who is not sure if their current medicines will be interfered by eating spinach they will want to consult with their family doctor in advance.

While there are plenty of health benefits of spinach, this super food might not be safe for everyone to consume it. For that reason, before changing the persons diet they should always consult with their own doctor to  ensure their bodies are able to handle the change safely. Once that has been determined, and the person has the go ahead, they should then consider adding this super food into their diets to help them with their improved overall health concerns.

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