Health Benefits Of Onions

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Health benefits of onions

There are plenty of health benefits to onions when the person consumes them in a proper amount. Some have also used this same plant food to help them cure certain health issues they may be faced with. However, while there are plenty of good nutritional components to eating this food, it will not be for everybody. Certain people will need to use caution when adding this plant into their meals.

The health benefits of onions can help certain people with their immune systems to get that extra boost of healthy antioxidants. This particular food is also high in sulfur, which in some cases has been used as a natural remedy to the equivalent of an antibiotic that doctors will give to their patients. While this is normally referred to as a plant food, some have also used it in dried form as a herb to mix in with their seasoning blends.

For any person who might have certain digestive issues, consuming even a small amount of raw onion on a daily basis can help to get that under control. Some natural practicing doctors will often tell their patients to eat a raw onion each day for optimal health purposes. However, this does not have to be taken all at one time in order to get the best benefits from this powerful super food.

While it is good practice to consume eating this plant to get all the health benefits that onions can provide, others have also used it to treat certain diseases. For those that have upper respiratory issues, such as asthma, or even the chronic cough, taking this onion, and boiling it in water to make a tea can be helpful. This super food can also play a very important role for any person who may have certain heart conditions, again the best way to take this remedy will be to eat it.

Many homeopathy practitioners have also used raw onion on the skin to treat certain medical conditions. For anyone who has ever had certain insect bits, the health benefits of onions taken both externally and internally has been known to ease the symptoms. However, some insect bites that have venom such as snake bites, can be aggravated when an onion was placed on the area, so for those certain circumstances medical attention would instead be needed.

Onion health benefitsWhile there are plenty of uses, and health benefits to onions, for certain individuals consuming this food can cause more harm than good. Should the person already be having certain gastric health issues, eating raw onions can actually harm their bodies. For that reason, if the person already has certain medical conditions they might need to consult with their own family doctor before changing their diets.

In addition, for those wanting to use the onion health benefits to help them treat their high blood pressure, this should be discussed with their doctor. However, many physicians will encourage their patients to consume eating a raw onion a day as there has been studies to indicate that it does help certain individuals to lower their blood pressure over time. Furthermore, there have been studies to indicate that those eating the super food daily on or in their meals also improved their blood sugar levels.

Onion is often referred to as helping to protect against infection, and can even help to relax muscle spasms. However, this food will not cure every disease or health issue for every person that consumes it. In addition for those that have frequent heart burn, eating raw onions can actually cause this condition to flare up.

Additionally, there are other certain onions in this group such as green onions which certain people will need to avoid if they are currently taking any type of blood thinner such as “coumadin”. The drug interactions can be harmful, as these certain onions will contain the vitamin “k” that needs to be avoided when taking blood thinners. For that reason, for those taking these particular medications they will need to consult with their family doctor prior to eating these foods, regardless of any type of onion health benefits they may have read about.

When it comes to learning about the many health benefits from onions, the information can at first seem overwhelming. However, if the person takes their time to explore into all of their available options open to them it can help them to make an informed decision. This article is a step in the right direction for one wanting to use this powerful food as a natural remedy for some of their health issues.

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