Effective massage in reducing cramps before the period

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Effective massage in reducing cramps before the period

Many sisters have had problems before and during menstruation. The syndrome that is common and common in menstrual cycles is abdominal pain and cramps. Abdominal pain during menstruation is usually due to the uterus lining the endometrium and is stagnant, not pushed out, should cause discomfort, abdominal pain.

Massage is one of the great ways to relieve abdominal pain and cramps before the period. Below we will give you some effective massage steps.

What to do if you are going to menstruation

If you have chronic and persistent abdominal pain, you should seek medical advice and consult your doctor for the most accurate results. It is possible that symptoms of abdominal pain when menstruation is a sign of other diseases such as ovarian cysts, congestion of the fallopian tubes…

Besides, the diet, rest, mental, psychological also affect the problem of the sisters. Therefore, sisters need to keep their spirits in good health and supplement the nutrients to enhance their health in these days. Maintain good health, which directly affects the cramps before the period and abdominal pain.

Pay attention to diet, like eating cooked food, drinking warm water, feeling comfortable, can overcome the problem. Cleaning the “closed area” on menstruation is essential as it also helps to reduce cramps and abdominal pain.

Hot or hot baths (abdomen or back) are one of the ways to reduce muscle contraction to reduce the intensity of cramps before the period. You can also massage to feel more comfortable these days.

Massage steps when you have cramps before the period

Step 1: Make yourself comfortable

You can do these techniques anywhere, but it will be much more effective if you do it while your body is calm and relaxed. Try to find a quiet place and sit comfortably. Place your hands on your abdomen and perform some deep, slow breathing. Until you feel your hands are pushed up every time you breathe in and descend when you breathe out.

Step 2: Massage the stomach

Place your hands on the navel, starting to rub in small circles in a clockwise direction. This should be done slowly with moderate pressure for about a minute, then gradually increase the size of the loops until you rub the entire abdomen.

Now put your hands on both sides of your navel, leaving your fingers only touching the skin and the forefinger is placed above. Use two index fingers to draw a “heart” by pulling above the navel. Then move the width of the hand to the sides and finally again bringing the fingers together. Repeat this for about 1 minute.

Step 3: Massage again

Next, place your hands behind your ribs with your fingers on the sides of your spine. With steady pressure, slide slowly toward the top of the hips. When coming to the hips, use the fingers to massage the small circles along the waist, starting from the center out. Put your hands under the ribs and repeat this cycle 3 times. It is very effective to do cramps before the period disappears.

Put your hands back to the center and move your fingers down. Let the hands slide down so that the fingers are in between the sacrum. Again make a small circle with fingertips and use moderate pressure. Continue for about 1 minute.

Step 4: Create pressure

Sit comfortably, squeezing one leg up on the other, with the opposite hand placed on the ankle above. Raise your hand over your ankles, hold your big toe up, your others goes down. Press your thumb for 30 seconds. Relax a bit and repeat. Do it three times.

Place your feet on the floor with your hands on your thigh. Gently place your middle fingers on your knees, thumb on the inside, above your knees. Use your thumb to press. Hold for 30 seconds and release. Repeat 3 times.

Place a hand under the navel, with your fingers pointing at the spine. Slowly press the fingertips. Hold for 30 seconds and release.


Massage in combination with relaxation is one of the great solutions for a menstrual period of girls. With the massage procedure we show above, the cramps before the period will become soothing and no longer scary.

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