Avocado Health Benefits and Side Effects

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Avocado Health Benefits

Avocado can be considered as a super fruit because of its many health benefits. Avocado may be eaten fresh, raw, cooked, pureed, or juiced – practically just about how you like it. It is a very good source of Vitamin D, C, E, and B6. It also contains high amounts of dietary fiber, magnesium, folate, and potassium. All of these vitamins, minerals, and nutrients constitute the full avocado benefits.

A regular dose of 300 to 600 mg of avocado per day is all that is required to reap all the maximum health benefits of this super fruit. Adding avocado in one’s daily diet is an assurance of keeping a healthy body with high immunity against dreaded diseases like cancer.

The Health Benefits of Avocado

To further appreciate the goodness of this fruit, which is believed to originate from South America, below is a list of all its known health benefits:

1. Avocado can help lower down cholesterol levels

The regular intake of avocado helps high blood patients in keeping their blood pressure down and controlling their cholesterol levels. Avocado can reduce lipid production inside the body. This fruit is a great source of monosaturated fatty acids, which can fight against hyperlipidemia.

2. Avocado can cut the risks of cancer

Because of the high concentration of lutein and carotenoids in this fruit, it can inhibit the production of cancer cells. Avocado can also prevent many diseases associated with inflammation. Many studies have proven that the fruit can significantly reduce the risks of prostate cancer.

3. Avocado can help treat osteoarthritis

Another recent study has shown that avocados can be used to help treat osteoarthritis. The oils that avocado contains, which scientists refer to as unsaponifiable fractions, can do wonders on the joints, muscles, and the bones.

4. Avocado can work against diarrhea and dysentery

More than the fruit itself, the avocado leaves, bark, and its seed, can be turned into a concoction to help treat diarrhea and dysentery. This only goes to show that more than the fruit, the entire avocado tree can do wonders to a person’s health.

5. Avocado can keep the skin and hair healthy

The high content of Vitamin E found in every avocado fruit is sufficient to keep the skin and hair healthy. However, it is also believed that when avocado oil is applied on the skin, it can help treat sclerosis and psoriasis. It can also speed up healing of most types of wounds. As for the hair, avocado pulp can promote hair regrowth.

Health Benefits Of Avocado

Avocado Side Effects

Although a very healthy and nutritious food, avocados may cause certain side effects to people who take it on a regular basis. These side effects may be one or several of the following:

1. Allergies

Some people can develop a certain allergic reaction to avocados, more specifically to those who are known to be allergic to bananas, peaches, melon, potatoes, tomatoes, and kiwi. If you know for a fact you suffer from this condition, you may not be able to add avocados to your daily diet. Furthermore, those who are allergic to latex may also grow allergic to avocado.

2. Liver damage

There are many variants of avocados available in the market and some of them may cause damage to the liver when taken on a regular basis. Because of avocados, collagen tends to accumulate in the liver. To stay clear of this side effect, be sure that you’re eating only the finest kind of avocados available.

3. Added calories

If you decide to add avocado to your diet, be sure to cut on calories somewhere else. Avocado is fairly high in calories because of its equally high fat content.

4. Not for breastfeeding or lactating mothers

Although avocado is a fairly safe and very nutritious fruit, high amounts of it are not recommended for women who are breastfeeding or lactating. Avocados may cause an upset stomach to the babies.

5. Affects the performance of some drugs

It was also noted that because of avocado’s anti-inflammatory effect, blood thinning medications may not work as much. If you take avocados regularly, be sure to tell your doctor about it.

How to Use Avocado for Maximum Health Benefits

Avocado can be used in many ways in order to max out its health benefits. As a fruit, it is great for breakfast and dessert. But it has more uses than that for anyone looking to reap all its benefits. Avocado can be used as:

1. A side dish

Search for recipes that makes avocados the perfect side dish of your favorite meal. Preparing avocado salad is a good way to reach your daily dietary requirement of this fruit.

2. As a spread

Do you know that avocados have been used by the merchants of Europe as a sandwich spread? It serves as their butter or dressing. Mash some avocado fruit and add your choice of spices in it. You’ll then enjoy a cholesterol-free yet very sumptuous breakfast.

3. As a juice

A glass of avocado juice or an avocado puree should be enough for you to reach your daily dosage requirement of this fruit. Avocado can also be mixed with other fruits in season for a more refreshing drink.

4. As a baking ingredient

If there are carrot cakes, there could be avocado cakes as well. Try to experiment with this fruit in your baking sometime. Do make some avocado cupcakes, avocado breads, and other delectable baked goodies with this very healthy fruit.

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