9 Foods to Crush High Estrogen Levels in Men

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9 Foods to Crush High Estrogen Levels in Men

Estrogen is present in both men and women, and can have benefits for both. But too much estrogen can lead to negative effects like an increase of body fat as well as increased breast tissue, called gynecomastia. Have no fear, though, as when these foods are incorporated into a healthy diet, estrogen levels can be decreased and the body will feel like it belongs to you once again.

Red Grapes and Wine
Red grapes and the wine that they make contain quite powerful anti-estrogenic properties. They contain polyphenols and resveratrol, known to have estrogen lowering effects. Resveratrol has also been known to increase testosterone while inhibiting aromatase. Having a few glasses of red wine can actually do the body some good. And if you are not one for wine, be sure to consume plenty of red grapes.

Cruciferous Vegetables
These are said to be a staple for those who are on an anti-estrogen diet. All cruciferous vegetables contain DIM—a compound that helps the body to remove estrogen via the liver. Additionally, many of them contain large amounts of chlorophyll, known to reduce estrogen through improved liver health. This includes: kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, artichokes, and brussel sprouts.

Olive Oil
It has been said that all men should be incorporating olive oil to their diets as it has been shown to convert cholesterol into testosterone quite easily. It is also very high in the compound called lutreopin, which can inhibit the aromatase enzyme within the body.

High Fiber Foods
Consuming foods that are high in fiber can significantly reduce estrogen production. Consuming about 22g of fiber per day can lead to lower levels of estrogen. This includes goods like broccoli, apples, nuts, and all different types of beans.

Used as an herb most of the times, it is considered a highly nutritious root vegetable. It has been used mostly for boosting testosterone levels, as well as for its proven success for lowering estrogen. While maca is considered a cruciferous vegetable, it is one that is not spoken of as often. It is said that is contains the highest level of DIM (an estrogen lowering compound) than any other vegetable of the same classification.

Citrus Fruits
These types of fruits are a known staple in anti-estrogen diets. These fruits are high in antioxidants and flavonoids, and other compounds that are anti-estrogenic like limonoids, calcium-D-Glucarate, and naringenin. So, make sure to add lemons, limes, and grapefruits as a table to get rid of high estrogen levels plaguing the body.

Green Tea
Green tea consumption has so many health benefits, and the same can be received if taking green tea extract. It can increase fat oxidation—the process of using stored fat for energy. Additionally, an increased metabolism may be the most well-known benefit. Some studies have found that because consuming green tea can reduce the risk of breast cancer that can result from too much estrogen, there are definitely some anti-estrogen effects.

Coconut Oil
Not only is coconut oil good for the production of testosterone, it holds the properties of being anti-estrogenic as well. Coconut oil enhances the converting of cholesterol to testosterone, inside of the leydig cells. It also stimulates enzymes that excite testosterone production. The oil itself is filled with sterols, known anti-estrogenic and are naturally aromatase inhibitors.

Many types of mushrooms have been studied to explore their anti-estrogenic effects. One study has even found that the shiitake mushroom can destroy cancerous estrogen receptor cells in addition to inhibiting aromatase. Various types of mushrooms has also been studied for their ability to reduce estrogen in the body.

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