7 Surprising Health Benefits of Desserts

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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Desserts

People today want to follow a healthy lifestyle and have fitter bodies. In order to achieve these goals, it is important to stay active and eat right.

However, even the healthiest of people have cravings to enjoy a cheat meal once in awhile.

A juicy burger, greasy pizza or a warm blueberry muffin does little harm. In fact, a bit of indulgence is good at times. Rewarding yourself with an occasional treat keeps you going.

For all those with a sweet tooth, it’s time to rejoice!

Because it is a proven fact that desserts offer amazing health benefits. If you are wondering, how healthy they are. Here we list 7 top benefits –

1. Good Source of Nutrients

Desserts are packed with carbohydrates. Being essential nutrients, carbs help in providing energy to your body and also stimulates your mind.

A low- carb diet may lead to carbohydrate deficiency. Not only brain, kidneys, heart and muscles but even central nervous system needs ample amount of carbs to function properly.

If you don’t prefer to have chocolate bars, you can use it to make healthy recipes. E.g. – a cheesecake which has calcium, vitamin D and protein or even a pumpkin pie which has calcium, vitamin A and C and fiber.

2. Helps in Checking Weight

People usually fail to reduce despite hiring best of dieticians and fitness coaches. One of the main reasons is that they can’t control the urge of eating, especially desserts which are known as ‘all-time guilty food’ for increasing weight.

However, even if you quit desserts, it will only help you to achieve short-term goals. Remember, it is all about eating right in right quantities.

Studies suggest that people tend to have more cravings for food that is completely restrained from the diet.

A complete deprivation causes overeating afterward. The key is to take everything in balance which in turn helps in sticking to a diet plan.

3.Good for Heart & Brain

Eating chocolates as desserts can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Rich in cocoa, dark chocolates have a high concentration of flavonoids which leads to a strong immune system besides offering anti-inflammatory benefits.

Sugar-free chocolates are even better, especially for people suffering from diabetes.

4.Fruity Benefit

For a stronger immune system, it is important to incorporate fruits into your diet. Many of you may not like fruits or might not be eating enough on a daily basis.

Desserts offer you with the option of eating blueberries and raspberries with frozen greek yogurt.

An already healthy dessert becomes healthier when mixed with berries. It can easily fulfill your daily requirement of fruits.

You can also make mango smoothies or eat chocolate-coated strawberries. Keep experimenting and continue finding healthy foods.

5. Keeps You Happy

It is true that foods which are high in carbs can stimulate your body and brain to release chemicals like serotonin which contribute to the overall well-being.

Eating desserts can alter your body and mind positively. Now you don’t have to feel guilty about eating them. You have a reason. Reason to stay healthy.

6. You Remain Active

Some people tend to work out after a sweet indulgence. But it doesn’t always work like that. If you can’t stop giving into treats, try opting for low sugar options and simultaneously maintaining an active lifestyle.

The feel-good factor would itself push you for daily walks and exercises.

Or take this way. If you are already active and do a bit of daily walking, then you can treat yourself with a slice of pie in the evening.

7. Helps You Recover from Side- Effects of Dieting

People who diet or those suffering from poor appetite because of an illness, find it convenient and easier to consume low-nutrient carbs and sugary foods.

Removing sugar altogether from your diet is also unhealthy as your body will become a deficit. If you suddenly decrease your sugar and carbs intake, your body falls low on glucose which is a vital source of energy.

Dieting can also make you feel sluggish which gives you another reason to devour on your favorite creamy wine chocolate.

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Sara O Brown is a working mom, lives with her dentist husband and her adorable dog, Casper. She is passionate about traveling and cooking.

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