10 Anti-oxidant Rich Smoothie Recipes That Will Give You Glowing Skin

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Anti-oxidant Rich Smoothie Recipes

(Smoothies are one of the healthiest options for achieving a great skin)

The pursuit of glowing, clear skin is always urgent, especially if summer is around the corner. But, irrespective of what season it is, we all want to be the best version of ourselves.

Desperate times need desperate measures? Not always. You can bid adieu to expensive facial treatments, and harmful detox cleanses with just your blender and natural ingredients.

Here, we have devised a list of smoothies that are guaranteed to Fix Your Skin:


  1. Fruit Fusion

Fruit Fusion is a supercharged smoothie that gives you bright and radiant skin through the goodness of fresh fruits. It is filled with vitamins E and C which are essential for glowing skin. The smoothie is also rich in antioxidants with anti-aging properties. The zinc present in the smoothie can combat inflammation, clogged pores, and rashes.

Coconut milk, papaya, frozen pineapples, banana, hemp powder, ripe avocado and grounded flaxseed are the primary ingredients. The selenium content in flaxseed is said to have cancer-fighting properties.


Blend the following to enjoy tasty and healthy fruit fusion.

One cup coconut milk

Half a cup of Ripe Avocado (peeled)

Half a cup of papaya

Half a cup of frozen pineapples

One small banana

One tablespoon of grounded flaxseed

Two scoops of hemp powder

Add ice as desired


  1. All Green Smoothie

If you believe that a weekend of binge drinking and eating have destroyed your outside and inside, then this detox smoothie is what you are looking for. It includes lettuce, parsley, bananas and apples. This combination is on target and will be of great help in cleansing you all over.

This smoothie is very filling and can even serve as a replacement meal, notably for dinner. If you want a more enriched tropical flavor, add frozen pineapple cubes.


The following recipe can serve one person as a meal replacement and two people as a part of the meal.

One cup of water

A handful of baby kale

A couple of parsley sprigs

Four romaine lettuce leaves

One small lemon

One small banana

One small apple (Fuji apple is recommended)

Two tablespoons of ground flax seeds

Five ice cubes

Optional additions

1/2″ ginger

1/2 – 1″ cucumber

1/16 teaspoon of stevia


  1. Chocolate-Cherry Smoothie

All of us love smoothies with chocolate in it. This smoothie fights fine lines and improves your skin’s glow. Flavonoids in dark chocolate are natural antioxidants and can help in making your skin softer and smoother. It also helps in protecting you from UV damage and sunburn.

They also improve the blood flow to your skin. The main ingredients are Greek yogurt, cocoa powder, milk, sweet cherries, ripe banana, and spinach. This smoothie won’t makes you feel guilty of consuming chocolate as you can reap its benefits.


Blend the following to make the delicious chocolate-cherry smoothie

Half a cup of frozen and sweet cherries

Eight tablespoons of Greek yogurt

One tablespoon cocoa powder

Quarter a cup of milk

Half a cup of sliced ripe banana

Half a cup of spinach


  1. Clear Skin Smoothie

Coconut water, avocado, frozen blueberries, spinach leaves, hemp (pea based protein) and spirulina powder are the primary ingredients of this recipe. Blend all these nutrients together for skin with a radiant glow.

Avocado is proven to enhance complexions of dull, dry skin inside out. It helps in building membranes of skin cells as well. Spirulina powder gives your skin a look which is youthful, and Vitamin K present in spinach can assist in improving your complexion. Coconut water can help in combating acne as well. If your skin is prone to acne, 10 best foundations for acne prone skin can be of great help.


One scoop of hemp protein

Half a cup blueberries (organic)

Half a cup of dandelion greens without stems

10 ounces coconut water

Quarter of an avocado

One tablespoon cacao powder (raw)


  1. Glowing Skin Coconut Water Smoothie

This recipe is the one you would want to share with your friend on a summer day. It includes chilled coconut water, strawberries, organic baby carrots, mango chunks and peeled navel orange. The orange and mango together contain vitamin A, B, C, E and K. It also makes sure that you need not add any artificial sweeteners to the smoothies. Strawberries can help in boosting collagen in your skin, and carrots contain antioxidants with anti-aging properties.


One cup Coconut Water (chilled)

One cup Baby Carrots (Organic)

One cup Strawberries (fresh)

One Navel Orange (peeled)

One cup Mango Chunks (fresh)


  1. Banana Almond Flax Seed Smoothie

Even though this recipe can be called a smoothie or a milkshake; it is the best way to achieve that ever glowing complexion you are craving for. Chopped bananas, almond butter, flax seeds, milk, a drizzle of honey and a drop of the almond extract are the ingredients for this perfect recipe.

Flaxseeds are proven to combat inflammation, redness, irritations and also moisturizes the skin from within. Almonds are packed with omega 3 fatty acids as well. It also contains proteins and vitamins that can free the body of harmful toxins and also protect skin damage.


Blend the following together to enjoy the delicious banana almond flax seed smoothie

One medium sized frozen banana

Half a cup of almond milk or yogurt

One tablespoon of almond butter

Two tablespoons of flax seed

A drizzle of maple syrup or honey

A tiny drop of vanilla extract or almond extract


  1. Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Many consume a sugar filled dessert at the end of a heavy meal. But, what if you have an alternative that is healthy and will give you ever glowing skin? Orange Creamsicle Smoothie is the answer.

Hemp milk, vanilla flavored hemp protein powder, peeled and sliced oranges and avocado are the main ingredients of this smoothie. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C, hemp is rich in protein and avocado is packed with healthy fats. All these factors can improve your skin’s texture massively.


One cup hemp milk

Two tablespoons vanilla-flavored hemp protein powder

One orange (sliced)

Half of an avocado (sliced)


  1. Berry Goodness Smoothie

There is a high probability that you are overwhelmed by this organic jam packed smoothie. It contains ingredients like almond milk, goji berries, strawberries, blueberries, bananas and hemp powder. Once it is in the blender, be ready to welcome all the goodness.


One cup of frozen mixed berries

One cup almond milk

Two scoops of hemp powder

Half banana

Half cup fresh spinach

One tablespoon of grounded flaxseed

Ice as required


  1. Green Tea Cooler

This healthy smoothie is a combination of two powerful skin beneficial foods – Green tea and Organic Yogurt. Yogurt can be beneficial for the gut as it can help the good bacterias thrive. The better your digestion tract is, the better your skin is.

Honey and mint can also assist in killing harmful bacteria. While, green tea is filled with antioxidants that can fight signs of aging. Key lime yogurt, green tea, chopped mint, lime juice, and honey are the key ingredients.


One cup fat-free key lime yogurt

One cup green cooled tea

Half a cup loosely packed mint, chopped

Juice of 2 limes

One teaspoon honey

Two cups ice cubes


  1. Coconut-Pear-Hemp Smoothie

One thing that people who are lactose intolerant are missing is how good dairy products taste in a smoothie or a milkshake. Well, your prayers have been answered.

Here, we bring you a smoothie that contains hemp milk, which is one of the best alternatives for dairy products. Hemp milk, coconut water, vanilla protein powder, coconut extract, one pear and a handful of kale are the ingredients waiting to in the blender.


Blend the following to get Coconut-Pear-hemp Smoothie

Half cup hemp milk

Half cup coconut water or coconut milk

Two tablespoons vanilla protein powder

One peeled and cored pear

Handful of Kale or Spinach

One cup ice

You can add coconut extract if you want a more coconut enriched flavor

Hardworking nutrients and antioxidants are the foundations of smoothies listed above. As you know, foods rich in vitamins and essential nutrients are pivotal in nourishing your skin. If you want to compose a diet rich in vitamins, the following infographic is sure to help.

14 Potent Vitamins for Younger and Healthier Skin

So from next time, when you think of quenching your thirst swap your diet soda or coffee with these smoothies that can benefit your skin and keep you healthy in overall. It’s time to look good on the outside and feel good inside.

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