You Do Not Need To Lift Heavy To Grow Muscle

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People usually think that if you want to gain your muscle, you need to practice with heavy weights. Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman used to say that a fast way to gain your muscle is lifting a few ass weights.

In reality, although a lot of people believe that the muscle just only appears when you lift heavy, the lighter weights, as well as the higher reps, are used to build muscles effectively.

On research from McMaster University proved the above perspective was not right any more. The researchers chose some men and started to have their legs trained 3 times a week during 10 weeks. One leg used light weights along with high reps (including 3 sets of 30-40 reps). The other leg was trained with lower reps together with heavy weights (3 sets of 10-12 reps).

Grow Muscle without heavylifting

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And finally, what was the result of this experiment? The new muscle built in two ways are quite the same. Moreover, the average size of these muscles has an equal increase. That thing also means both ways are effective and almost have the identical results.

With just one experiment like that, there is no conclusion about this issue. But today, there are a lot of other researches claiming the similar thing.

Light weights along with high reps (4 sets of 24 reps) help you in the synthesis of the muscle protein when you practice quads during 24 hours. This way is much more effective than training with the low reps together with the heavy weights (4 sets of 5 reps). There was another study during 13 weeks in Japan. The scientists said that the result of your muscle would be the same whether you practice to lift the light weights slowly or you train heavily.

If you just concern about how many weights you can lift, you will feel hard to succeed. The key problem of this exercise is that how good form you can perform. Whether you practice with light or heavy weights, only when you reach your limit, you can see the result.

When you lift the weights which are fairly light (about just 50% of one-rep max), between 20 and 25 reps, you can improve both your strength and your muscle. The series of studies at McMaster University located in Ontario pointed out that practicing with this way will give you the same result as training with the heavier weight (90% of your rep max).

So, this conclusion is very meaningful to the average practicing person. And now, we will give you necessary takeaways you need to remember:

Grow Muscle without heavyliftingVia

  1. You do not need to afraid of failure frequently

Hyson used to say that failure may be one of the important ways for you to succeed in something, but obviously, it is also dangerous. This means when you reach your limit, the muscle will break down. There is no problem of how much weights you are practicing with. If you try too much training with heavy weights, you can make you hurt yourself.

But if you practice with every level of weights gradually, it’s fine.

Do you want to train effectively and safely? Here is your solution. Hyson advised you to take your sets along with two reps. This way maybe does not help you reach the best result, but through this workout, you can build a steady progress through the time.

If you just start to train, you should begin with the light weights as well as the high reps.  And if you are a professional weightlifter for years, you just can improve your strength through increasing volume, correcting your weakness along with your intensity.

When people reach the point at which they have to use more strength to gain, the heavier weights is possible for you. But the lighter weights and higher reps are more suitable for creating new muscle.

  1. Gains are created through the creativity, not only volume

You can grow your muscle by many ways and weights. Collins said that an athlete, like a student in a university, can make the progress by improving the lifting intensity or the lifting volume. In addition, you also can practice with newer modalities or programs.

  1. Training in cycles

There is no need for you to train with the high work over time. This is not really good, moreover, it also can make you burn out and even have an injury.

And what do you have to do? Let’s approach the periodized program. Firstly, you should practice with light weights and high reps in high-volume for some weeks. This thing will help you build your muscle, make your joints stronger, and your mind along with your body will be ready for the higher-intensity work. Then, start with the step of higher intensity. Train with more weights which are higher one-rep max than you used to. With the aid of a coach, your progress will be ensured more carefully.

You are trying to build muscles, remember these following things:

  • Make your repetitions become various during your training sessions, for example, 6 to 10, 10 to 15, 15 to 20). You can practice them on the separate days or in one session.
  • Practicing the exercise until you reach one point at which you feel quite tired.
  • Planning your progress. When your muscle becomes stronger and larger, you have the ability to work more.
  • Do not be scared of the challenge. Your muscle can face and work effectively.

Grow Muscle without heavyliftingVia


Through this article, you know that in order to grow your muscle in both size and strength, you can practice with the fairly light weights along with the higher reps. Except for weightlifting, there are also a lot of machines help you improve your muscle, including a maxi climber exercise machine. This machine is also called a rowing ergometer. With the aid of this machine, the major groups of your muscle work rhythmically for a long time. We hope that this post will be helpful for you and you will reach your expected result.

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