Vital Things You Need to Know About Percocet

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Vital Things You Need to Know About Percocet

Percocet is a drug that is used to reduce the pain caused by an injury or after a surgery. The drug is a mixture of oxycodone and acetaminophen. However, using it excessively can cause addiction because it affects the nervous system and impacts your brain as well. According to DrugAbuse, more than 4 million Americans are found to be abusing prescription drugs that help in reducing pain, including percocet.

Percocet creates a dopamine effect in some of the main regions of the brain and delivers a sense of pleasure which leads to addiction. A percocet user may get high in a similar to a heroin addict does, and may want to use the drug again as soon as the effects wear off.

Why People Get Addicted To Percocet?

It may be a drug that is created to relieve from pain but people have been consuming it for non-medical use as well.

The drug contains oxycodone which binds to the opiate receptors present in the body, especially the brain. As a result of which, the brain is pushed to produce more receptors and the body craves for the drug even more, hence the addiction.

A person who is on percocet for some time will find it daunting to pull back from the drug and even if he/she does, withdrawal symptoms are likely to occur. This is because your body gets used to the drug, and withdrawal symptoms can cause a lot of trouble. They include irritability, depression, insomnia and mood swings etc.You can find help and information on percocet withdrawals visit

Signs Associated With Percocet Abuse

Like it is with every other drug addiction, percocet abusers show physical and mental signs of abuse. A percocet abuser may look confused and have poor concentration along with coordination problems. The person may seem weary, depressed and anxious because the drug hits right on the brain and once the after effects wears off, the person gets tired.

Digestion problems are also reported by many percocet users including intestinal problems and poor bowel movements which is because due to a lack of sleep and the food not being digested properly.

Loss of appetite is also a sign that indicates a person is on percocet and it may lead to low blood pressure in the person, due to which, he/she may be found sitting or lying down most of the times.

How to Detect Percocet In Someone’s Body And For How Long It Stays?

Percocet stays in the body for two days max and then is ejected via urinating. There are various ways to detect percocet in a person. The fastest way is to take a blood sample because percocet enters the bloodstream quickly. However, it must be taken within 24 hours of the use.

Taking a urine sample after a few hours can detect percocet too.

Most law enforcers carry out a saliva test when they want to check if someone is on percocet abuse.


This drug may reduce pain but make sure you take it as less as possible because it has all the traits of making you addicted to it.

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