The Truth Behind Weight Loss Supplements (sponsored)

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Excess weight is considered by many to be the epidemic of the 21st century. People are increasingly turning to tools for weight loss. Pills, powders, and other food supplements which reduce the weight have long gained popularity. What are the main ingredients of weight loss supplements and how they act?
One of the largest groups of dietary supplements for losing weight are appetite suppressants. Probably, micro-crystalline cellulose, pounded seeds of flax and plantain, chitine, Laminaria Alga, etc. sound familiar to many. Such preparations should be consumed with a large amount of water. Supplements in this category operate on the following principle: entering the gastrointestinal tract, they absorb water, swell and stimulate receptors that react to stretching. Such stimulation sends a signal to the brain that the stomach is filled, therefore appetite is suppressed for a while. Those additives normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, clearing the intestinal wall. But appetite suppressants have their downsides. The point is that the feeling of satiety is composed of several components, and stretching the stomach wall is just one of them. Besides the receptors in the stomach, the human brain responds to the content of glucose in the blood. If you only eat cellulose, then the feeling of satiety comes for a short time, after which the appetite is activated with a bang. Besides, swollen appetite suppressants absorb all the nutrients that are in the stomach and intestines, causing hunger increase while body loses vitamins and minerals. That is why when taking appetite suppressants one should take care of additional vitamins supply.
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