Running for Weight Loss – How a Running Weight Loss Plan Can Benefit You

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Of all methods to lose weight, running is considered as one of the best. At least 275 calories are burnt every mile, meaning that you can burn about 1000 calories after every hour of running.
Our sedentary way of life leads to brittle bone and reduction of the general muscle strength as time goes on. Some of the other benefits of running include fighting signs of aging such as losing the bone density and mass.
Running also keeps you active, reducing the risk of contracting cardiovascular, osteoporosis amongst other diseases. In a nutshell, running will help you to lose the extra pounds as well as maintain your body in good form.
When running for weight loss, it is also important to watch your diet. You must make sure that you keep the calories intake at normal levels regardless of how far to run. If you do not adhere to the right calorie consumption, the efforts of running to lose weight may be pointless. For better results, ensure you include fruits and vegetables in your diet.
When starting to run, you must follow a particular routine for you to reap the full benefits. For instance, you do not have to start running for long distances from day one. Start with the short distances and then increase them gradually will minimize the risk of injury.
When you start running, you may find yourself adding a few pounds, but this is not a reason to fret. This will happen because your body will gain lean muscle mass and this will contribute to the increase of the body weight.
However, with time you will start reaping the full benefits of running as all the excess fat in your body will start melting away. If you have friends or a partner who believes in using running as a way to lose weight, you could team up with them. This will motivate you to run for longer distance, and the results will be excellent.
Besides the benefits we have given you, we would like to share with you the main benefits why running is good for individuals who want to lose weight.

#1 Running Works Even When You Are At Rest
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Running is a high-intensity exercise that stimulates something referred as the “afterburn.” This effect helps in burning the calories when resting. After comparing running to other low-intensity activities like walking, research shows that even if you have covered the same distance, running will have better results.

Research indicates that your resting energy expenditure stays elevated after running thus helping to shed off the extra pounds quickly. After comparing two groups of runner and walkers, research indicates that the calories burnt when running led to a ninety percent weight loss that calories burnt when walking.

#2 Running Is Time Efficient
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When you think of it, the time was taken to cover a mile when running can never be equal to the time required to cover the same mile while walking. This means even if there is a myth that suggests that walking a mile and running a mile lets you burn the equal number of calories, nobody can dispute the fact that running is a much quicker way to burn those calories. Generally, you can run two-three times as far as you can walk in a given period.
#3 Saves Your Money
When it comes to running to lose weight, you do not have to worry about parting with a lump sum of monthly gym membership fee or using your money to purchase some expensive equipment for your home gym.
You just need to have the right footwear and exercise clothes, and you are ready to hit the road. Additionally, if you are a woman and do not recall the last time you felt comfortable and sexy in a pair of skinny jeans, running will help you to help you to have a sexy back within no time.
If you are a man and want that tummy disappear and have sexy six pack, running will help you to achieve this and boost your confidence as well as making you flexible in bed.
#4 Running Brings Back Your Natural Glow
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When running to lose weight you will not only benefit from the losing the extra pounds, but you will have a rejuvenated and a more youthful appearance. As you know, running makes you sweat profusely.
This will boost your natural oil, which in turns helps in keeping your skin fresh and healthy. Additionally, you will benefit with additional muscle strength. If you have been feeling sluggish during the day no matter how many hours you rest at night, running to lose weight is a great solution.
Remember, excess weight will weigh you down, making you less active and productive. Start running every morning, and you will be amazed how energetic you will be during the day.
#5 Improves Your Sleep
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To enhance your weight losing strategies, you must get enough sleep every day. However, in the society we are living we are faced with many challenges, making it hard for us to get quality sleep.

When you run, your body will feel exhausted and will yearn for that moment you will be completely relaxed on your bed. Remember, having quality sleep will help in developing that after “burneffect” that works to burn the excess calories in your body, helping you to lose weight quickly.

#6 Running To Lose Weight Helps To Avoid Common Weight Related Diseases

Running will help you to manage or prevent numerous diseases and health problems including obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure amongst other. When you run, you will increase the activity levels, increasing the amount of blood that is circulated in the body.

Additionally, this will help in improving the coronary artery flexibility, preventing inadequate blood flow to the heart. Additionally, running helps to reduce the excess fat in our body that leads to diseases such as obesity.

You will also clear your mind allowing you to lower the stress levels. Stress is a major contributor to weight increase and a significant challenge that makes losing weight difficult.

It is evident that there are very many benefits of running for weight loss battle. You just need to follow the right running procedure, and you will reap great benefits from this highly effective exercise that cost very little to engage. If you are thinking about getting started to run in order to lose weight, we are going to share with you some tips to smoother your transition.

  • Consult Your Doctor

Running is a high activity exercise that requires strength and healthy body. If you are above 40 years or overweight, it is important to ask your doctor to give you the go-ahead or advice you how to go about it.

If you have not exercised for a long time, it is important to consult the doctor for advice on how to go about it. Additionally, anyone who suffers from a chronic condition, pregnant or under some medication should talk to the doctor before running.

  • Get The Right Clothes

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Wearing the wrong types of clothes will not only slow you down when running but also make the running experience uncomfortable. When running ensure that you have the right clothing such as a light t-shirt, shorts or running pants as well as right shoes. Additionally, carry along with you a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

  • Start slowly

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You do not expect to have instant results after running 10 miles. On the contrary, you may end up suffering an injury due to over exercising. Remember your body has not yet gotten used to your new routine. If you have a common running knee injury, e.g. runner’s knee, patellar tendonitis or torn meniscus then you might want to read about knee straps for running here.

To begin with, start with a 20-30 minutes’ walk for about 3-4 weeks. After this, you can now start jogging and work your way up to running. Besides, before running ensures you do some warm-up to get your body ready for a more strenuous workout?

  • Rest Occasionally

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Although you would want to get results fast, avoid over-training. When running, ensure that you occasionally rest in between runs to allow your body to cool down before resuming your exercise.

If you run for long distance, ensure that you rest for one or two days every week depending on your running intensity. This will give your body the chance to recuperate before starting your workout out.

  • Take Healthy Diet As Well As Running Supplement

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Nutrition for runners is something that many athletes neglect especially when starting to run. Remember, your body requires a lot of energy when running. Ensure you take a healthy diet that can provide you with the energy you need while running. Again, watch out for the calories that you are consuming.

Generally, after running, you will feel hungry. Make sure you watch out for fatty foods that may add you extra weight. Also, the runner’s supplements help to compliment any mineral or vitamin that may be lacking from your diet.

  • Wear the right kind of shoes

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In most cases, beginners do not know the importance of wearing the right kind of shoes. It is easy to find a beginner wearing any sneakers without realizing how dangerous it can be. Ensure you select shoes that are lightweight and right fit. This will keep your feet comfortable and protect your feet from most types of running injuries.

Before we conclude our topic of discussion, we would like to tackle a common question that we always come across. This is “Does running make you taller?” We have discussed so many benefits of running with some that you probably have come across but did you know that running could actually make you taller?

One of the most common advice given by therapist to people who would want to grow taller is to do intense running exercises. When you run, your body will produce more HGH hormone, which is involved in growth function giving you more chances of getting taller.


Running for weight loss is a good activity to start out with. This exercise comes with many benefits and possibilities, not to mention that it is free. For the best results, you can take a friend along or join a local running club in your locality.

This will motivate you and can give you other tips to help you in shedding off those extra pounds. Just apply the tips we have listed above, and your weight loss goals will become a reality soon.

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