Oolong Tea Health Benefits & Side Effects

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Oolong tea benefits

Oolong is indeed, a very interesting name for a tea. But do you know that it has got hordes of health benefits under its sleeves? Discover what Oolong tea can do for you and why it is one of the most recommended beverages today.

What is Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea originated from China. It is one of their traditional teas that is produced by withering and oxidizing the leaves, stems, and buds of a plant called Camellia Sinensis. Oolong tea is a very famous Chinese tea, especially the ones manufactured in the regions of Da Hong Pao and Fujian.

An Oolong tea may come in different varieties. The best ones are those carrying the honey aroma and tastes fruity and sweet. There other kind is the thick and woody type, which tastes roasted. There’s alone one type that looks fresh and green that smells like a bouquet.

A bag of Oolong tea may look like a pack of long and curled tea leaves. However, there are also some that appears like small beads with tails. Either way, both types of Oolong tea can give you the same nutritional goodness that this tea is famous for.

The Many Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

Drinking Oolong tea each morning can provide you with the following set of health benefits that may not found in any other type of tea:

1. Heart disease protection

Oolong tea can reduce the instances of cardiovascular diseases, according to a 2010 research. Drinking this tea regularly will decrease one’s chances of acquiring heart problems and stroke, as compared to the people who don’t drink teas at all.

2. Weight loss supplement

Drinking Oolong tea can help melt all those extra fats away because of it can increase one’s metabolism, improve energy, and inhibit the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. Oolong tea is currently a very popular ingredient of many natural weight loss pills.

3. Powerful antioxidant

A cup of Oolong tea everyday can protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. It functions as an antioxidant to keep diseases like cancer, stroke, atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and neurodegeneration away.

4. Slows down aging

Oolong tea can make your skin glow beautifully longer, while reducing the many signs of aging. This tea can also help get rid of the most common skin problems and improve its tone. Looking younger and healthier is very easy with Oolong tea.

5. Promotes mental alertness

Taking Oolong tea each morning can help maintain one’s alertness throughout the day. With regular use, mental performance is improved drastically. Oolong tea with sugar is also the most natural energy drink.

6. Assures the health of the bones and teeth

Oolong tea can help protect and strengthen the teeth and bone structures. It promotes the continued growth of the body. This tea can help prevent osteoporosis, increase bone density, and retain the minerals that the body needs to stay strong.

7. Manages stress

In a Japanese health care study, it has been found out that Oolong tea can help reduce one’s stress levels for up to 18% percent. This is because of the natural polyphenols found in every cup of Oolong tea. On top of that, this tea also contains L-theanine, which can rest the mind and keep it free from neural stress.
Oolong tea weight loss

Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Of all the health benefits listed above, Oolong tea is more popularly known as a weight loss supplement. The effect of Oolong tea on weight loss has basis on both traditional medicine and modern science. Traditional Chinese medicine states that Oolong tea can help reduce and maintain one’s body weight. To further prove that point, a study was performed in 2001 at a USDA Research facility by Dr. William Rumpler.

Dr. Rumpler investigated the Oolong tea and measured its effects on individuals. For this particular study, he used 12 males. And after the thorough research, he concluded that Oolong tea can increase a person’s energy expenditure for about 3%. The ones who took the tea on a regular basis were able to burn 67 calories more than usual. It also improved their fat oxidation by up to 12%. All of these were made possible by the Oolong tea caffeine. Dr. Rumpler concluded that the type of caffeine present in Oolong tea is the very thing that made the difference.

Oolong Tea Side Effects

However, health experts don’t recommend taking more than 5 cups of Oolong tea every day. Doing so can lead to a range of health problems such as:

1. Bleeding disorders

Certain studies have shown that Oolong tea may possibly slow down blood clotting. Therefore, those with bleeding problems should take full caution when drinking this tea.

2. Diarrhea

While the Oolong tea caffeine is highly beneficial, it may cause diarrhea when taken in large amounts. Be sure that you drink Oolong tea at well-spaced hours throughout the day.

3. Hypokalemia

This health condition is characterized by the low potassium content in the serum. It was found out that Oolongtea interfere with potassium absorbtion.

4. Beriberi

Aside from potassium, another nutrient that may be affected by too much Oolong tea is Vitamin B1. The lack of thiamine in the body can lead to a disease called beriberi.

5. Allergies

For people who are known to be allergic to caffeine, the very potent type in Oolong tea may bring about a few allergic reactions. Those who exhibit hypersensitivity to this substance should seek medical assistance if symptoms occur.

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