Need a Health Boost? Healthy Teas You Should Be Drinking

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Need a Health Boost? Healthy Teas You Should Be Drinking

Historically speaking, Americans choose to drink coffee over tea, but worldwide, tea is the second most chosen beverage, next to water—but it is picking up steam in the United States. If you are one of the people that is new to drinking tea, it is important to know the benefits of certain kinds of tea. Tea has been around for 500 years, and there are thousands of different blends available so just because you might not have found something that you like just yet doesn’t mean that it does not exist.

Preparing Your Tea

Various types of tea have complex flavors, so many times it is not necessary to add milk, cream, or sugar to the beverage. Each tea varies in the way that it should be prepared, and often times the package comes with a water temperature guide and steep time suggestion. Many people prefer to use filtered water heated in a kettle, but this is not totally necessary to enjoy a cup of tea.

  1. Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea is the most used in terms of helping with weight loss. This is because of the natural antioxidants aid in overall body function and protect cells from damage. When paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise, green tea can help to speed up the process of shedding some extra pounds. One study found that those who regularly consume green tea will have a lower BMI, body weight, body fat mass, waist circumference, and subcutaneous fat amount.

  1. Tea for Relief and Relaxation

Chamomile is an herb that has been used to calm and induce sleep for hundreds of years. There are also blends that include peppermint, rosehips, and more to provide tranquil effects. It is best to consume the tea about an hour before bed to feel optimal effects of relief. Do note that chamomile should not be consumed if you have a ragweed allergy, as chamomile does come from a flowering plant. Having a cup of freshly brewed tea to curl up with is soothing in general, but when that tea is a bland made specifically to calm, you’ve got the perfect combination.

  1. Tea to Help Those with Cancer

White tea is actually green tea that has been picked when the plant is very young, and is only withered and dried—not oxidized like black teas. The lack of processing means that white teas contain higher levels of polyphenols, which are naturally occurring nutrients. Because green tea is also high in these nutrients and is an anti-inflammatory, it is thought to also slow down the growth of cancer cells. It has been said that 3 cups of white or green tea per day will help to reduce the risk of cancer, thanks it its antioxidant properties.

  1. Tea to Help You Focus

Just like coffee, tea is used to get a good jolt of energy. One cup of black tea has anywhere from 14 to 70 mg of caffeine. It is not recommended to consume more than 400 mg per day, so keep that in mind as you are enjoying your tea throughout the day. Some studies have shown that those who are tea consumers are not only more alert than those who are not, but also have longer attention spans.

  1. Tea to Boost Your Metabolism

Consuming several cups of green tea per day will in fact boost the metabolism, as it modulates genes that are related to the energy metabolism. Oolong tea is also known to boost the metabolism because it helps to regulate the blood sugar levels of the body, helping you to feel more satisfied so you won’t have cravings. Oolong teas also have high levels of antioxidants, so it helps to burn fat namely in the upper arms as well as the tummy.
Tea to Get Rid of Headaches, Allergies, and Illness

  1. Tea to Get Rid of Headaches, Allergies, and Illness

Many generations have used teas as home remedies for a number of illnesses. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that block swelling related to headaches. Ginger is also used as a way to settle an upset stomach—were you ever given ginger ale as a kid when you were feeling nauseous? Nettle tea has antihistamine properties. Though it does take longer to brew, it will help to alleviate symptoms of allergies. A specific type of catechin known as Epigallocatechin Gallate is found in green and white teas (sometimes in black teas) has been known to fight against the flu virus.

  1. Tea to Boost Your Beauty

Rooibos teas are a South African blend that come from a plant in the legume family. Once brewed it is bright red, and consumed just like tea. It is full of many antioxidants and enzymes that work to combat the aging process. The antioxidants will help to soothe skin and fight the inflammation that causes acne. Black teas contain antioxidants that prevent plaque from hanging on to teeth and it halts the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath.

  1. Tea to Lower Blood Pressure

Those who regularly consume black tea may experience lowered levels of blood pressure, while oolong teas specifically lower the bad cholesterol, LDL. Regularly consuming tea will also decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, and helps those who have hypertension. Chai tea provides a number of benefits thanks to the botanical components. Chai boosts the immune system, has anti-cancer properties, is an anti-inflammatory, and is packed full of antioxidants. Raspberry leaf tea has been known to help with gastrointestinal tract disorders, heart problems, respiratory problems, and even diabetes.

  1. Tea for Detox

Teas that have a blend of peppermint with other herbs have shown improvement of gastrointestinal health and help with things like constipation. Some teas even contain probiotics that are the healthy bacteria keeping the body functions efficient. As you are consuming this extra water throughout the day, you will likely be using the restroom more often, thus flushing out your kidneys. Peppermint teas not only help to get things moving after a meal, but will also satisfy a small sweet tooth without going overboard on desserts.

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