Natural weight loss stimulants: pros and cons

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natural weight loss stimulants

Natural stimulants is a next group of weight loss tools which are considered as extremely effective substances. They speed up metabolism, give a sense of inspiration and ease and increase vitality. Just a few years ago natural weight loss stimulants were leaders in popularity. Most often, the supplements contained ephedra (ma huang). The history of medical use of ma huang has about 5 thousand years, and has its roots in ancient China. In modern pharmacology an active ingredient of ephedra is ephedrine which is used to facilitate breathing in asthma, to fight colds and runny nose. Scientifically proven that ephedra is effective for weight loss, but the exact mechanism of this action is not known. It is believed that, along with other natural stimulants – such as caffeine – ephedra activates enzymatic digestion of fat.
Despite the high efficiency, the sale of food supplements containing ephedra is prohibited in many countries. It is shown that ephedra increases blood pressure. Since ephedra is needed by people with higher weight, whose cardiovascular system already experiences stress, then uncontrolled consumption of ephedra only enhances health problems. The frequency of hypertensive crises, strokes, heart disease exacerbations increases. Even perfectly healthy people are at risk of damaging their health if they constantly use ephedra.
Sibutramine also has similar adverse effects. Constant consumption of sibutramine supplements for weight loss affects the activity of the cardiovascular and nervous system, leads to neurosis, strong sense of anxiety, restlessness, and irritability.
As an alternative to powerful stimulants their softer counterparts can be used. For example guarana supplements. The plant is a native of Brazil. Guarana seeds are rich in caffeine and since ancient times were used as a stimulant and aphrodisiac, as well as for overall body strengthening.
Natural adaptogens have a tonic effect – ginseng, Siberian ginseng and echinacea are also used in slimming.

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