Natural vs artificial Hair Straightening Methods

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Natural vs artificial Hair Straightening Methods

Due to the genetic inheritance, people are born with a particular hair texture and turns. These different types of hairs are categorized as curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair etc. In the present world today you can style your hair in any pattern due to the various hair styling machines. Different attired may ask for different hairstyles.

Among all the hair patterns that you can make your hair into, today we have picked up the key to straight hairs. Today we are here to talk about the different methods which can help you to get straight hairs.

The different types of hair straightening methods are also separated into two categories and that is the natural method and artificial method.

The natural methods are comprised of several natural ingredients that are not harmful to your health; even these ingredients will improve your hair quality. The artificial methods provide some damage to your hair but the rate of damage depends on the product. Now let’s talk about both these methods of straightening your hair.

Natural methods:

There are a number of recipes which can help you to get straight hair naturally. These methods are not more effective for lasting long but these methods will not harm your hairs or will not make any damage to your hair. Following are the recipes stated.

· Fuller’s earth– Some of you may have heard of Fuller’ earth. This is nothing but a special type of soil that is highly beneficial for skin. But you may not know that it is also beneficial for your hairs.

If you wish to have straight hairs without damaging your hairs then this method will help you a lot. To get the smooth and straight hair you need to make a paste of Fuller’s earth with wheat flour and egg within.

The Fuller’s earth can make your hair a bit dry this is why we are suggesting adding egg in the hair mask. Addition of egg will moisturize your hair and this will provide great lustre to your hair. You need to keep your head in a position after applying the paste so that your hair can stay straight. Wash off the mask after it gets dry.

· Aloe Vera masks– it is known that Aloe Vera has beneficial effects for different health issues. It can resolve the stomach issues, it can provide you benefit for your skin and your hairs as well.

Aloe Vera is a great heat protector and smoothening agent.

You can mix Aloe Vera gel with any hair oil or you can directly apply Aloe Vera gel to your hairs and wait for half an hour and then wash it off. You will get a voluminous and smooth straight hair after this treatment. Regular application will show more effect.

· Lemon juice– You may not know that Lemon juice can help you to straighten your hair. Regular application of lemon juice will detangle your hair naturally and will also keep your hair smooth and shiny. Lemon juice also prevents the growth of dandruff, so you can have two benefits with one ingredient only.

· Coconut milk– Coconut milk is a great hair smoothening agent. On regular application of raw coconut milk to your hair will stay smooth and straight as well. Coconut milk will moisture your hair and will also retain the moisture for long.

Artificial methods:

The artificial methods of straightening your hairs may provide some damage to your hair but this methods will give quick results and also the hair stays straight for a longer time. Following are the artificial methods of hair straightening.

· Electric straightening- This is a very common method that people use to straighten their hair. But the heat iron damages your hair. You can use Aloe Vera gel as a heat protecting gel while using the heat iron for hair straightening.

· Rebounding cream- The professional permanent hair straightening process needs this cream to make your hair straight. This cream shows magical result but also brings you hair fall at a high rate. Using this cream for straightening your hairs will keep your hairs straight for years.

· Hair fixing spray- several hairs fixing sprays can be used to set your hairs for hours. Do you know this hair fixing spray can help your hair straightening done by a flat iron? You need to use soft fixing spray before straightening your hairs with an electric straightener. This will keep your hairs straight for more hours and the sweat from your scalp will not be able to make your hairs curly.

· Shampoo- You may wonder why we have added the shampoo in this list because shampoo is such a thing that it’s an everyday product for you. Let us tell you that there are some shampoos which do the magic to straighten your hair. Regular use of such shampoos will make your hair smooth and straight gradually. These shampoos are found to be boosted with keratin that helps to make your hair straight.

These are some of the ideas that may help you to make your hair straight and get your desired look for the day. Your hairs play an important role to maintain your look. It is important to maintain your look but it also important to take care of your hairs. This is why we have mentioned both natural and artificial methods to straighten your hair. You should always keep in mind that your health is more important than anything else. You should not use such a thing that may be harmful to your health. So be careful before you choose any product and find out if you are allergic to the product or not.

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