Kids Health: 5 Healthy Foods You Should Know

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Kids Health: 5 Healthy Foods You Should Know

Purchasing healthy foods and preparing nutritious dishes is a really easy task for parents. The real challenge for parents is to convince their kids to eat healthy and nutritious foods. For some parents, it becomes a nightmare to satisfy the taste buds of their kids by providing them healthy foods as well. Parents feel frustrated at mealtimes and really annoying to convince their kids for eating healthy food. If you are facing this issue in your home, so we are sharing with you the 5 healthy foods that you can give your child with some variations and in new style so they can enjoy the food while staying healthy at the same time.


Flaxseed is considered super food because of its nutritional value. It brings a lot of benefits and essential nutrients which are necessary for the growth and health of your kids. Flaxseed is a nutty plant food which is rich in Omega- 3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids play a really crucial rule in the brain development of your child. Flaxseed is sold and consumed whole and in ground form but dieticians recommend to use it in ground form because the body absorbs ground flaxseeds in a better way and yields more benefits. You can just sprinkle flaxseeds onto cereals or you can use into the better of different desserts such as Apple Cake and Banana-Cinnamon Waffles. You can replace the ¼ portion of flour with ground flaxseeds in different baking recipes such as muffins, pancake, bread to enhance their nutritional value.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A which keeps eyes healthy and acts as an antioxidant in the body. Babies love sweet potatoes due to their natural sweetness and bright color. Though they don’t like it much when they grow older. You can use sweet potatoes to make French fries for your kids as well. There are many healthy deep fryer recipes for French fries available online. You can easily find unlimited deep fryer recipes in order to provide healthy food for your kids. Another way of using sweet potatoes is to bake them and use it as a side dish. Simply take a potato and wash it. After piercing with a fork, bake the potato at 375 degrees for almost 45 minutes or until it gets tender. To serve it, use vanilla yogurt and cinnamon-sugar for topping. You can also use applesauce or maple syrups as they also make great toppings. If your kid is a potato mash lover, then you can try Two-Potato mash as well.


To keep little stomachs healthy and happy, a sufficient amount of good bacteria which are known as probiotics are the must. Yogurt is the best source of good bacteria which helps your kids to stay healthy and active. For kids, don’t go for yogurt with less sugar because they contain the low amount of good bacteria and protein. Select plain low-fat or no-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt for your child. You can add honey and different fresh fruits in yogurt according to the taste of your child. Keep in mind that one cup of yogurt can fulfill daily dairy’s requirements of your kid. Most of the yogurts are rich in calcium and contains calcium more than a single cup of milk.


Salmon is considered one of the best and healthy foods of all the time. If you don’t want to give salmon to your child, then you may want to reconsider your decision after knowing its benefits. Wild salmon is considered an excellent source of good quality proteins which are necessary for the growth of the child. Salmon also has Omega-3 fatty acids that are needed for the development of brain and health of the heart. If you are a busy parent, you can easily cook or grill salmon as it requires little seasoning due to its natural and strong flavor. If you are conscious about mercury levels, then keep in mind that salmon is rated as one of the five fishes with the lowest mercury by the FDA.


Avocado is the only fruit which is so rich in monounsaturated fats means the good fats which children need in their daily diet. It is suggested that kid’s 25 to 30 percent calories must come from fat food group mainly the unsaturated fats on the daily basis. But the challenge is that how your kid will eat avocado? It is observed that children love avocado when it is served as a spread and used as an alternative to mayonnaise or cheese. Take a ripe avocado and mash it with a fork. Mix it in a lemon juice and add some salt. Now you can use this paste as a spread or dip. Start giving avocados to your kids at the early age because fat intake in early years is really important for kids.

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