Is it Safe for a Baby to Sleep in Just a Diaper?

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Is it Safe for a Baby to Sleep in Just a Diaper?

The air conditioner is broken and your house sits at a sticky 82 degrees Fahrenheit. All the lights are turned out and it’s bedtime for your three month old.

You already know you’re not going to be swaddling your baby tonight. Because overheating has been shown to increase the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Your child is fussing and getting warmer and sweatier in their neck-to-toe sleeper. You strip her down to just her diaper and give her a comfortable, lukewarm bath and she settles down.

After you dry her off and put her diaper back on, it dawns on you.

“I should just let her sleep in her diaper! She’ll be much more comfortable.”

But…is it safe? Is it okay to let my baby sleep in JUST a diaper?

Let’s look at some of the things you might consider when it comes to letting your baby sleep with or without pajamas.

Before you Toss the Pajamas

Is your baby much more comfortable without a full head-to-toe sleeper? Or do they seem to clearly prefer to wear clothing? Start by following your baby’s cues.

We already know it’s best to avoid overheating as much as possible to reduce the risk of SIDS. But some babies clearly sleep better when they’re in their regular nightwear. Just like some adults wear their regular sleepwear no matter what the temperature.

Before removing your child’s clothing, take a look at your child’s bed. Replace flannel sheets with cooler, crisp cotton sheets. Take out thick blankets and replace with thin, receiving blankets.

Have a fan moving air around the bedroom but don’t aim it directly at your baby.

And instead of a full sleeper, consider a baby diaper shirt. A diaper shirt typically covers the entire torso and diaper while leaving the child’s arms and legs almost completely exposed.

What about Choking?

What if baby pulls off her diaper? Does it become a choking hazard?

First, is pulling the tabs open and removing the diaper even a possibility? The older your baby, the more likely this is to happen. And if they have the ability to remove their diaper, they tend to drop it outside the crib, not put it in their mouths.

Younger babies do not have the finger dexterity to remove or pull off a properly fitted diaper tab.

A diaper with well secured tabs is not likely to become a choking hazard. Regardless, ensure the tabs are not loose and will not easily tear off.


It is tempting to do everything possible to reduce your baby’s fever as fast as possible. However, a fever is the body’s immune system doing it’s job. It’s heating up the body to kill the virus or bacteria that’s attacking it.

Rather than cooling off baby and leaving them in only a diaper, dress your child lightly and offer them plenty of liquids. Contact your doctor if you are concerned about your child’s health but don’t leave them in only a diaper.

Pajama’s- Yay of Nay?

There is no clear right or wrong answer here. There is only what’s best for you and your child in your unique situation.

It’s not bad to let your baby sleep in only a diaper if heat is a factor. If you’re sleeping in only your underwear without a blanket, chances are your child will be comfortable doing the same.

But if you’re wearing pajama’s and covering yourself with a light blanket for the night, the best course of action is to put your little one in some breathable pajama’s and start the night off with a light blanket.

The bottom line?

Consider the room your baby is in for the night and dress them with the same kind and amount of layers that you would be comfortable in.

Remember to offer plenty of liquids during hot weather and with fevers.

And if they’re sick, bring them to the doctor.

Bio: Sophia Nguyen is the founder of “Healthy Baby Happy Earth” website. She is a blogger, a blogger, and she loves writing about babies and helping the parents by providing only the most useful information. Follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

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