Inversion Table: How They Work and Why You Need One

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Inversion Table How They Work and Why You Need One


Inversion tables use gravity to relieve the pressure applied to your spine. You see, your spine usually gets compressed as you do various activities. Experts suggest that when you use an inversion table, you tend to hang yourself upside down. Some may even hang themselves at an angle where their heads are lower than their feet. Thus, it will be easier for you to decompress your spine to relieve pain and pressure. However, utilizing an inversion table may quite be risky. For people with glaucoma, hypertension, and heart diseases, you should first consult your doctor before getting one.

Why Do You Need to Get an Inversion Table?

An inversion table is also an exercise equipment made in such a way that your feet will be placed higher than your head. You will position your body upside down so that the gravity functions in the opposing direction. It will lower down the adverse effects of gravity on the body. In fact, physical therapists and physicians recommend using inversion tables to patients experiencing back pain.

Does it help alleviate lower back spasms? Since physical therapists and doctors suggest this to their patients, the table can reduce lower back pain. How? Well, when the user places himself on the table, gravity tends to pull down his shoulders, head, and other parts of the body.

It works by generating gravity to apply some pressure on the spinal cord. Hence, it stretches the spinal cord out. Also, it creates some space for gravity to pull between every vertebra. The discs on the user’s back fully compress, and his muscles surrounding the discs tend to loosen up. That way, the table decreases back pain.

Aside from the relief one gets from utilizing an inversion table; it can also reduce the tension from headaches. The inversion table will get rid of some pressure from the nerves. So, it helps in facilitating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It also helps increase flexibility, and enhance a person’s mood. And most importantly, blood can now flow more efficiently to other parts of the body by reversing the gravity.

Does an Inversion Table Work?

A lot of patients suffering from a backache use inversion tables to stretch out their spine. By doing so, it relieves the pain that they experience. But, the effect may not last for good, and it may be quite risky for some individuals. For people with high blood pressure and heart problems, it may pose a further threat to their health. However, it still promises relief from lower back spasms and sciatica pains. The table takes the gravitational pressure from the discs of the spine and the roots of the nerves. However, before considering to use the table for a longer period, you must consult your health care provider.

How Does an Inversion Table Work?

During an inversion therapy, you will turn your body upside down. It will enhance the space, and lowers down the pressure between your nerve roots and vertebrae. Research studies found out that it may help ease back pain in a short-term. With the use of the table, you may position your body at a gentle angle, and work it up to a more complicated position.

Experts claim that by using an inversion table, one may get these benefits:

Relief of General Back Pain

Inversion Table How They Work and Why You Need

Inversion tables may help alleviate general back pain. They help provide whole spine traction. In fact, they reverse the gravity that may compress your spine, and can lead to pinched nerves. So, hanging yourself in an upside down position can be similar to spinal traction. As you use your body to stretch out your spine, you reduce the pressure on your discs.

Decreases Joint Pressure

Decreases Joint Pressure

After exercising, your joints tend to experience some stress, especially after a high-intensity workout. The inversion therapy can help you elongate, and stretch out your muscle groups. In turn, it will release the tension from your muscles. Over time, it may decrease muscle pain. Also, some experts suggest that the inversion process may correct minor misalignment caused by activities such as golf and tennis.

Improves Lymphatic System

When you hang yourself upside down, you can help flush some toxins or wastes from your lymphatic system. The system only allows the waste to travel in just a single direction. Thus, as you hang upside down, you allow your lymph to get rid of lactic acid. Additionally, you also enable the clear out of other toxins that may cause pain.

Enhances Blood Circulation

Inversion Table Enhances Blood Circulation

Your blood will only flow all throughout your body in a single channel against gravity. When you apply inversion therapy, it helps the process of blood flow. With that, the flow of gravity will also affect your entire organs. Some theorists state that inversion therapy helps in decongesting your internal organs.

Helps Maintain Height

An average individual shrinks up to ¾ inch of his height when he wakes up each day and goes to sleep at night. Experts claim that it is because of the spinal compression brought by the gravity. Hence, as a person uses an inversion table, it will prevent reversing the whole process. In turn, it stretches out your spine.

Increases Back Stretch and Mobility

Inversion Table Increases Back Stretch and Mobility

Another reason for people to try inversion therapy is its benefit to boost mobility. Experts believe that as you use gravity to decompress your spine, it will enhance your flexibility. Some people enjoy the benefit of back pain relief that’s why they continue to utilize such tool. Plus, it helps them execute their normal activities and exercises that usually target the back.

Also, a lot of people hope to improve their mobility, so they try inversion therapy. Regardless of the reason behind it, users are claiming of enhanced mobility due to the inversion process.

Makes a Person Look Youthful

Another interesting claim is that inversion table can make an individual look younger. However, no studies can support this one. There is no fountain of youth in just a single click that erases all of your wrinkles. However, when you work out, and eat well regularly, then, you increase your chance of claiming your youthfulness. If utilizing this tool will help you execute your exercise routines often, then, you have to continue using it.

Helps Reduce Stress

Inversion Table Helps Reduce Stress

After adapting to your position, a person may feel relaxed because of an inversion therapy. Most people simply experience a great relaxation and meditation by just hanging upside down. Others claim that inversion therapy also feels more like a whole body massage. Either way, an inversion therapy helps keep your mind and body relaxed.

Increases Balance, Brain Function, and Focus

When you position yourself in an inversion device, your oxygen-containing blood flows to your brain.  Then, try to adjust yourself on the table. You will also notice that your brain becomes more stimulated by using an inversion device. Your brain is the primary organ that consumes oxygen all throughout your body. For a healthy individual, he can produce enough blood for the whole body. That means that he can generate more oxygen. The effect of this process is enhanced balance, focus, and brain function.

Perks Up Core and Leg Strength

Perks Up Core and Leg Strength

Another benefit of inversion therapy is being able to work out without too much effort. As you invert yourself, you can gently do some crunches or situps. If you are a pro weightlifter, you can also observe that it is challenging to fight against gravity. Thus, it makes everything more beneficial. Performing inverted crunches also allow you to lower down pressure from your back.

Allows Better Posture

Inversion Table Allows Better Posture

By doing some core strengthening routines while executing the inversion process, you will get the most out of the process. Plus, you will most likely notice a huge improvement in your posture. Since most individuals work in offices and sit all day at work, their proper position declines. However, when you try inversion therapy, it will enhance your position very quickly.

Often, people use inversion tables to ease their back pain from any underlying diseases like spinal stenosis or herniated discs. However, it is not the only benefit you can get out of the device. You see, the goal of inversion therapy is to reverse the effects of gravity on your body. These forces are sometimes harsh on your body. So, as you change the gravity, you relieve the amount of pressure that destroys the normal process. That’s why inversion therapy is very promising when it comes to your overall health, fitness, and wellness.

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