Why India is a Big Market for Health Insurance

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India health insurance

It is rightly said that ‘If money is lost, nothing is lost… if time is lost, something is lost… if health is lost, everything is lost…’ Good Health is the most precious treasure that any man possesses. A baby has an excellent health where as an old man does not. It is always seen that your health deteriorates with age. Your health is not the same as you had it few months back. It keeps on changing. There have been innumerable cases reported of people suffering from cancer, AIDS and many deadly diseases every year.

All such diseases involve a lot of money for their treatment. Sometimes some surgeries cost 2 to 3 lakhs. Where will a common, middle class man find money for the treatment? Hence, the concept of health insurance was introduced. It is also sometimes referred to as MediClaim. This health insurance takes care of all the things like the doctor fees, medical tests fees, hospital charges, medications and many other things.
The working of the health insurance is quite simple. You need to pay some amount every year as per the policy. If some accident occurs or if you need to be hospitalized then you can claim your money. You can claim the money in two ways- either through cashless mode or through reimbursement mode. Ensure that you select a correct and right insurance plan that will suit your financial conditions.

Why do we need health insurance? What are the benefits of having a health insurance? In the present modern world, the price of every single thing that is available in the market is increasing day after day. New methods of surgery and new instruments are being invented. These instruments have required a lot of capital for their development and so their cost is more. As a result, the amount that the doctor charges his patients when he uses these instruments also increases. The overall hospitalization charges go on rising and hence it has become very much expensive. Rich people might not face any problem in paying such huge amounts but people belonging to middle class and lower classes will indeed face a lot of problems in arranging the money. Hence, health insurances are there to help you out in case of emergencies. Health insurances would never let you die with the burden of debt.

It is found in some studies that India is one among the top countries in which majority people suffer from health issues. The total sales of medicines would go up to $26 billion by the end of the year 2016. The primary reason for this is absence of awareness of health insurance amongst the people of India. Many top companies are aggressively spreading the awareness & promoting their health products. At present, only people who are benefitted of the health insurance are the rich people. The middle class people hardly know about such a scheme.

Just think for yourself, would it not be beneficial for you if you save some money now which could be used later on for health issues or may be the time some accidents occur? It will be beneficial, isn’t it? Just imagine a loved one of yours had an accident. He needs your moral support at that time and you are busy arranging money or you could not arrange the money. What if something bad occurs in such situation? You will have to regret for your entire lifetime.
India is not considered to be the richest of the nations. Yet it has a great market for Health Insurance. Do not think now. Fix up a meeting with an insurance agent and have your own policy. It does not matter if you pay less. All that matters is that if you pay now, you will be secure when any kind of emergency turns up.

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