How To Turn Your Health Passion Into A Health Blog To Help People

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How To Turn Your Health Passion Into A Health Blog To Help People

Your daily routine would always include jogging at the local park, preparing healthy meals, walking to work, and spending a couple of hours at the gym. This has been your routine for years and you wouldn’t want it any other way. For some of your friends, they think that doing all of these in a day is too taxing but for you, it’s an investment towards better health. You understand how important your health is that’s why you’re pouring time and effort to do these things consistently. And if you want to help other people who also have problems with their health, coming up with your own health blog can be an excellent idea. Your experience might be the solution the online community actually needs. To help you turn your health passion into a health blog, consider the points below:

1. Know your audience: Before deciding what topic to write about, it’s crucial that you determine who you’re writing for first. Sure, you’ll be writing for people who have problems with their health but you need to be more specific about your audience. Are you writing for people who have problems losing or gaining weight? Are you writing for gym trainers and teach them how to better handle demanding clients? Or are you writing for mothers who want to get back in shape after giving birth? Knowing who your audience is, is important for a variety of reasons. When you know your audience, you’ll know how much research you should allot in each of your blog posts. If you’re writing for health professionals, for example, you can mention specific names of medicines and not thoroughly discuss each of these. But if you’re writing for the general public, you can’t do the same. Since each audience will require different approaches, knowing who you’re writing for will help you decide which approach to use. The more specific your audience is, the easier it is for you to satisfy them with your content.

2. Hook your audience: Regardless of who your audience is, it’s safe to assume that another blogger has already wrote the same. With the number of health blogs today, you need to make sure that yours is unique. Your health blog can stand out if you can get your audience hooked simply by reading your blog’s first line. This can either be through your headline or through the first sentences of your content. You can use bold or provocative statements right at the beginning or use a well-executed anecdote. Avoid starting with lines such as “I’ve read from a report the other day” as this can easily bore your audience. If you want to start your content with a report, go directly to the point as this can also arouse the interest of your audience.

3. Put one idea in one blog: You’ve been putting time and effort to take care of your health for years. With your experience, you can be overwhelmed and write about too many things in one blog. Yes, this can be informative but this can also leave your audience confused and unengaged. The solution? Have a tight focus on your blog. If you’re writing about easy meal preparations for career people, for example, talk about the ingredients and procedures your audience have to consider to produce healthier meals. Don’t use most of your blog’s space in discussing how important exercise is during the process or how they should stretch while working. You can write these topics separately, not in one lengthy blog post.

4. Use plain language all the time: You might fully understand what health risk factors are but keep in mind that your audience have probably never heard of the term before. This is the reason why when writing your own health blog, make sure that you’re doing it using plain language all the time. Anything that you’ll write should be easily understood. If you’ll have to use a technical term or an acronym, take time to define it for your audience. If possible, always use a common word over an obscure one. If you’re trying to imply a medicine to ease any pain and discomfort, use painkillers instead of analgesic. These choices can make or break your chance in gaining online readers over time. If you’re unsure if what you’ve written is understandable or not, have a friend read your blog. Listen to their feedback and change any word which may seem difficult for them to understand.

5. Inject your personal touch: One of the reasons why readers remain loyal to a blogger is because they can easily relate to the content posted online. Of course, the audience would look for a personal touch in a blog, not an emotionless robot who produces content. For your blog to achieve the former, always speak from your experience and use emotions. Make your audience feel that you know what they’re going through and you’re ready to lend a helping hand. You should also encourage them to leave comments in your blog to start a conversation. When you do this, you’re not only reaching out to them but you’re actually creating an avenue for them to easily seek for your pieces of advice.

Inject your personal touch
Start Off Easier

The number of years you’ve had being a health buff can have a significant impact on your health blog. The tips you’ll be giving to your readers are things which you’ve done in the past so you can testify which works and which doesn’t. Along with your experience and the tips from this article, don’t be hesitant to tap help from professionals too. Studio 56, for example, can provide you with the necessary tools so your health blog can become successful in the long run.

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