How to lose weight: simple tips and tricks

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How to Lose Weight Fast
Everyone knows how to lose weight: regular exercise, burning calories, strict diet… But what happens when you tried all of that and it does not have as much as results as you wanted? If all those steps did not work as promised there are always some other things you can do to lose excess weight quick and easy. Here are few ground rules and tips on how to lose weight.

Start writing a ‘Food diary’

There is a belief followed by several studies which says that people who write down what they eat over the week will eat about 15 percent less food that people who just eat. When you can read over what you ate over the week you will notice the pattern of bad food choices and it will make you think and maybe change some eating habits.

Drink water, lots of water!

How To Lose Weight Fast and Safely

Replace all drinks you have over the day with just clear water. Yes, it is okay to drink an orange juice at breakfast, but try to drink water instead of soda or a milkshake for the rest of the day. It may seem insignificant to you, but the truth is that you introduce a big amount of calories with drinks you have through the day. And drinking water half an hour before lunch you eat less food and lose about 400% more fat. Not bad for a cup of water, you have to agree.

Change Plates to Lose Weight

This might sound silly, but if you put small amount of food in front of you, will eat less and still feel full. Our brain is trained to feel hunger until we eat almost everything in front of us, and if you use smaller plate and serve same amount of food, the brain is tricked to think there is a big full plate in front of you, therefore it will feel full when you are done eating.

Brush your teeth as often as you can

This way you are tricking your brain that the mealtime is over. Minty and fresh feeling will most certainly help you with that.

Walk 45 minutes a day

Some studies are shown that if you walk about 45 minutes every day you will most likely lose about 30 pound in one year, and you don’t even have to change you food habits. If you can, buy a pedometer and measure your steps. Aim for an extra 1000 steps a day.

Don’t go into the kitchen in between meals

When you finish your lunch, wash the dishes, clean the counters, close everything and leave the kitchen until it’s time for dinner. If you go in and out of kitchen in between the meals, it is most likely that you will have snacks that contain 300 or more calories, and you don’t want that.

The last but not least you should not concentrate your mind solely on how to lose weight fast. A much safer and more reliable way is developing healthy eating and living habits and sticking to them during the lifetime.

If you keep these few simple tips and tricks in mind, you will keep your body fit and you will never have to think about losing couple of pounds so you could slip into your old favorite pair of jeans. It is easy and effective. Just try it.

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