How to Look Professional in Humid Weather

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How to Look Professional in Humid Weather

We know that temperature is blazing, and the end-of-summer sales are at full throttle, but still we are sweating in our air conditioned room, right? We know that heat waves will last far into the September. But, when we go out and look at people, many of them aren’t sweating at all and in fact, they are looking perfectly professional. How is this possible? Well, the answer is in this post.

Especially, when we work in an environment of tropical climate, it can become tough for us to adapt the things quickly. I have a software job and have to travel across the world for reaching to client demands. In the recent time, I have to go in the Southeast Asia where the weather was changing quickly between the sweltering humidity and constant rain. So, I went to experts, and they spilled all the style of dressing, hair, get the measurements of weather with right tools and makeup intel that we need to stay flawless and look professional at all the moments outside your house.

Read through the post and you will find some fantastic tips and techniques for looking professional in humid weather.


  1. Dressing Choice

Looking professional and crisp in summer days is easier to say than to be done. You need to be picky when it comes to the summer clothing. The choices of fabric and colors may become make-or-break decisions. As the author of the bestselling book ‘Dress for Success’, John Molloy says, “The way we dress has a remarkable impact on the people we meet professionally or socially and significantly (sometimes crucially) affects how they treat us.”


Check this below tips:

  • Choose light colors: Light colors not only keep you sweat-free but also help you to look more seasonally. You need to get neutral colors like beige and gray in-spite of picking colors like black, burgundy, or navy blue which are attracting the light and which you should avoid when the sun is blazing.
  • Get natural fabrics: You can make choice of wearing cotton, linen, silk, or even light wool material in the option of getting nylon, viscose, and other synthetic fabrics which trap heat and add stretch. Sometimes, fabric obtains a ratio of 20-25% of synthetic fiber material. In the days of summer, if you get the natural material with this ratio to 3-8%, then you will feel cooler.
  • Special tip: ‘Keep a travel-size supply like baby wipes on hand as they are ideal for lifting deodorant stains out of clothes,’ says, experts.


  1. Make your hair heat-proof

Doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, whether it is straight and fine or curly and huge, you need to protect them from heat and humidity. “When you look great, you feel great and can present yourself in a more professional manner,” says Victoria Stiles who is a celebrity hair and makeup artist.

See these below techniques:

  • Use dry shampoo: Try dry shampoo and give some oomph to your hair. Spray it in the root of your hair and feel washed, fresh, and ready to go out. Make sure that the day shampoo is fully absorbed, especially when you are applying it on dark hair.
  • For curly hair: If you have curly hair, then sometimes you may feel annoying when your ringlets turn into one big mass due to humidity. To keep curls intact, you can spray a little witch hazel mixed with water on it which helps to reduce frizz and revive curls.
  • Use accessories: You can use accessories like a lovely flower pin or a headband which helps you to get a decent look and lifts your hair from your neck.


  1. Weather Tracking with Right Tools

It is also important to keep track of the weather condition. The quality of the air in which you are living effected by the humidity. This thing is applicable in your home, apartment, office or even outside are of your living. Keeping track of the humidity and temperature levels helps you to take necessary actions for staying healthy and refreshed all time. And one of the fairest weather measuring tool is the best humidity monitor (hygrometer).

A top-quality hygrometer helps you to maintain an ideal humidity level in your living. It helps you to prevent the growth of the mold, bacteria, virus, fungi, mites, etc. and thus provides you to get allergen, skin, and some other health benefits. It measures the level of the water vapor present in the air and then displays in percentage. The humidity monitor and other right tools help you to maintain the humidity level in your home and office according to your comfort level. Take help of such tools and feel refreshed and professional all the time.


  1. Makeup Intel

Even if you have checked the humidity level and wore according to that with proper hair precautions, you will not impress your boss if the makeup on your face is halfway down! Follow this below tips for a budge-proof makeup.


  • Face: Whether you have an oily or dry skin, you should use oil-foundation in heat or humid weather. Power foundation is the best choice because it is easy to apply as well as it is oil-absorbent. If you want to use liquid foundation, then you can go for some water-based varieties that keep you from oil overload. Don’t forget to keep oil blotting papers with you to freshen up anytime during the day.
  • Prevent Sweating: If you want to stop sweat on some special occasions like interviews or presentations, then the best advice is to use a facial antiperspirant. It is safe for a daily use and doesn’t make you break out.
  • Eyes: Use eyeliner to protect your eyes from heat. Many types of eyeliners are available on the market today. You can buy it according to your requirement and type of use; whether for beaches or daily use.
  • Lips and cheeks: If the clock is ticking to 5:30 p.m. and if you still have a report to file; if you have flushed cheeks at this time, then it looks like there is some pep in your step. You can find some useful check products which give you a freshened look by doubling the duty as a care lip color and gives sheen without being heavy.
  • Glow: Use generic products like illuminators which give a healthy glow to all over your face. You can also use highlighters for your face. It doesn’t need to look overly greasy, but you need to apply them correctly on your cheekbones.

Some quick tips

  • The best way to keep your makeup last through the day is, use a loose powder for setting your foundation.
  • Choose right texture of blush: you should use a soft blush that complements you and your fabric. You can use some water resistant blush like a cream or mousse.
  • Lipstick: For weather like a monsoon, you should opt for a lipstick that has a long lasting sheer gloss.
  • Use waterproof mascara which stays on without smudging or runs down your cheeks.
  • Always make a good skin care. Choose a right beauty regime and stick with it.
  • Start with a primer first which helps the foundation to hold for an extended period.
  • After you apply the foundation, use cheek color and bronzer for structuring and which is followed by lips and brows, and then ended with eyes.
  • Use a cream or mousse eyeshadow with a waterproof liner which is ideal for humid conditions. As an alternative, you can use a good eyeshadow base also. It helps your eyeshadow to stay on and not to slide off your face.
  • After using eye liners, set a matching eyeshadow; it will make your eyeliner look fabulous and helps it stay for the day.
  • Using a primer (which is a cream or lotion applied between two layers of cosmetics) is a personal choice as it improves the coverage and lengthens the period of the cosmetic to last.
  • You can use oil absorbing strips or blotting papers to overcome the dull feel of over-powdering. It absorbs the sebum and gives your skin a fresh look.



All of the techniques mentioned above will help you to look professional throughout the day even in humid weather. Your appearance is an important piece for your professional success just like a well-polished resume or an outstanding LinkedIn profile. Follow these tips and techniques and look a great professional despite the heat and humidity.


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