How to Get Rid of Love Handles?

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how to get rid of love handles

Nowadays, most of the men and women are seen to be figure conscious. So they try their best to maintain slim bodies that make them look attractive and even younger than their actual age, mainly in case of middle-aged people. But unfortunately, some of them may develop love handles or the layers of excess fats in their abdomen, as their age increases with passing years. These excessive fats result in disfiguring their body, causing immense embarrassment for them; though some people may think their muffin top waist as cute-looking, when these flabby layers spill over the waistline of their trousers or skirts.

As most people desperately seek ways how to get rid of love handles, some effective methods are discussed here, which are sure to help them in this matter. Though it is a quite tough and time-consuming affair to lessen the sizes of the abdominal flab, strict adherence to these rules and lot of patience really prove to be beneficial in regaining the earlier slim figure, with a trim waistline.

Proper diet control:

When a person wants to reduce body fats from any part of the body, a recommended diet chart by an expert dietitian or doctor can bring the best results. Hence, healthy food habits need to be followed, in order to reduce the love handles from a body. Most of the fresh fruits and vegetables have nominal or zero fat content, which make them ideal foods for inclusion in the diet chart of an overweight person. Moreover, the beneficial nutrients, like vitamins, minerals and fibers keep the body healthy and active, during the weight loss process. Moreover, the fibrous seasonal fruits fulfill the hunger, while adding no extra calorie to the body. The protein-rich foods, like lean meat, fish, eggs, soybean, nuts or fat-free dairy products need to be included in the regular diet, in approved amounts. Also, the wholegrain foods, like oats or brown bread act favorably in fat reduction in a body. Though fats should mostly be avoided, the healthy unsaturated fats, like Omega3 can be taken in reasonable amounts which are generally found in fish oil.  But care should be taken to avoid all kinds of junk foods, oily fries and processed or tinned food materials, as these materials contain very less food value, while add much unhealthy fat and unwanted calories to the body. Any kind of sugary or carbonated soft drinks should be avoided too; instead warm herbal tea or fresh fruit juices are very good choices for drinking.

Vigorous workouts:

Proper exercise regimes, under the guidance of an experienced gym trainer can help in decrease the size of love handles. Regular workout sessions of minimum 30 minutes are mandatory in burning off the extra fats and bring the abdominal muscles in proper shape. As the fat from whole body is accumulated in the abdominal region to form the muffin top, the exercises should involve the movements of each part of the body, so that the total metabolic system of the body produces heat simultaneously and activates the overall weight loss development. The habit of morning walk at a brisk pace or jogging for at least 10 – 30 minutes, depending upon the overall health conditions, can result in shedding off all those extra fats. Some other physical activities, like cycling or swimming or practicing any kind of sports are also very effective in making the body slim.

Get relief from the daily stress of life:

A special hormone, named Cortisol is released from the adrenal gland, when a person is under severe mental stress. This hormone increases the blood sugar and causes the metabolism of fats in the body. Hence, it gives rise to the layers of fats around the abdomen, making the person look horribly obese. So it is important to be free from the usual stress of the workplace, as soon as a person steps out of the office. Any domestic reason of stress needs to be resolved as soon as possible, to avoid the birth of the muffin top in the mid-body region.

Live according to a disciplined routine:

The whole day’s routine of any person should be scheduled in a disciplined manner. A healthy person averagely needs 7 – 8 hours of sound sleep at every night. Any probable external disturbance of the sleep should be avoided at any cost; like putting off the light or switching off the mobile or tab. But for that reason, he should go to bed quite early, so that he can wake up in the early morning as well. When a person stays awake till late night, a hormone named Cortisol is released profusely in the body, which ultimately results in fat deposition in the waist region. The breakfast should never be skipped off, as that supplies the body with enough energy for sustaining throughout the day. It is better to finish the dinner by 8 – 9 pm at night, so that the stomach can have enough rest, along with the whole body. But care should be taken to eat lesser amounts of foods than were previously used to be taken, at each meal, to reduce the bulging out fat layer of the lower waist region.

Avoid consumption of alcohol:

Alcohol is a highly harmful object for an obese person, as it increases the blood sugar and also speeds up the deposition of fats on the belly, resulting in a large muffin top. If anyone is too much addicted to alcohol, he may drink only a small peg of wine with low sugar content every day, till he can manage to give it up totally.

Drink adequate amount of water:

Sufficient quantity of water is essential for the body, as it properly hydrates the body organs and also flushes out all the unnecessary objects from the body system. Moreover, the water fills up a large amount of space in the stomach, thus help in suppressing the hunger and as a result, reduce the large stock of body fats. At least 2 – 4 liters need to be drunk every day, depending on the amount of physical activities done in a day.

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