How to choose the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in India

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Hair Transplant Surgeon Guide

The hair transplant procedure is referred to transferring the hair grafts from the donor portion to the recipient one in order to get the head full of hair with all the aesthetic effect. The procedure is safe and will give the best aesthetic outcomes only when the procedure has performed by the expert Surgeon. It is a remarkable point to consider that the procedure of hair transplant in India is becoming very popular as the country is counted as the affordable option worldwide and many people across the globe interested to take the medical tourism in India. After the modernization and advancement in the technique and expertise, the procedure is gaining their importance in the economic group of masses also as it is not like a tough cake in terms of cost and care. Our Indian Surgeon is counted as the world’s topmost hair transplant Surgeon and the facilities that are offered by us are all matched with the American standard of care and hygiene.

Important things to be considered before going to take the procedure are as follows:

Are You A Suitable candidate for the procedure?

This is the first and foremost question that must be cleared and known among the patient, who is going for the procedure. As it has been stated that by the expert hair transplant Surgeon that the procedure is not safe if the candidate age is below the 25-years because at this young stage the donor portion health is not much cleared and the grade of baldness is also in the ongoing recession. So, if the procedure is performed, the further hair loss in the form of increased grade of NW class baldness will be continued and the need for the further restoration procedure will be required.

Is this an esteemed Clinic/Centre for the Hair Transplant?

This is the next question that must be considered by the patient. Does the hair transplant clinic follow the safety and maintenance measure that is co-relate with the standard parameters of the Medical ethics? Does the clinic have the acceptance and the results are valid? Does the Clinic have the large setups for the hair transplant procedure? There are many questions that must ask the patient during their searching process for the hair transplant.

Some relevant factors that are associated with the Clinic’s reputation and reliability are jotted down below:

  • Availability of the higher magnification of German microscopes and video-assisted microscope in a large number
  • Carl Zeiss Lenses
  • Advanced and modern equipment & tools for the hair restoration
  • The American standard facilities measure includes hygienic measure & sterilized technique
  • A large separate cutting room for the graft dissection
  • A large team of trained technicians

All the above factors help in the procedure success that must be maintained by the reputed and a recognized hair transplant clinic/centre.

Does the Surgeon possess the relevant criteria for the surgery?

Your hair transplant surgeon must possess the physician knowledge along with the surgical skills, as the hair transplant procedure is a state of the art and follow both the concepts of the science and an art. A good hair transplant surgeon is the one who has the degree of surgery as well as the MBBS and master of cosmetic surgery. A recognition, reputation, accreditation and accolades do matter in the surgical procedure like the hair transplantation. Since the hair restoration procedure is related to your overall look and personality and the major factor for the consideration is all about their aesthetic effect that should match with your facial profile and age. An aesthetic hair transplant procedure is the one, which gives you a natural look as required with your personality and only an expert Surgeon can meet this aesthetic goal of the restoration procedure.

The Parameters for choosing the hair transplant Surgeon

Surgeon Qualification

The important thing that must be keep in mind by the patient that only the plastic Surgeon, as well as the cosmetic surgeon, can well perform the hair transplant surgery. Not all the physicians are allowed to do the procedure as it requires a special set of skills, expertise, precision, degree, accreditation and experiences to perform it. Since hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery so the surgeon who possesses the, M.S. degree along with the MBBS degree, mostly performs it.

Experience in the same field

It is mandatory that your Surgeon should possess the many years of experience in the same field to make them well versed in the hands-on practices. An expert Surgeon is the one who gives you the positive outcome of the procedure with excellence and reliability. You must ask your Surgeon about the years of experiences along with their past records of their surgery. If they are showing you the result of the patient, you can ask for their further references also in terms of contact details and feedback from the patients.

How many Hair Transplant Procedures does the Surgeon perform in One Day

You must ask this question to your Surgeon that how much time they dedicate in the every surgery. As it is a genuine and ethically accepted that one surgery in a single day in order to achieve the aesthetic goal of the hair restoration procedure. It is horrible that a Surgeon performs more than one surgery in a single day. Ideally, a hair transplant surgery needs a full day job, especially in the session for Mega/Giga for the particular cases.

Recognition, Accreditation & Society Accolades

It is a matter of concern that your Surgeon has the worldwide acceptance or not! Your surgeon must have the recognition in terms of attending the national & international societies as a regular member for giving the details regarding the newly technique and invention to enrich the field with their valuable knowledge and skills. Does the Surgeon participate in the reputed bodies of the hair restoration like ISHRS, ISAPS & ABHRS? The recognition, accreditation and accolades weigh the value in choosing the best hair transplant surgeon.


On the whole, we can say that the hair transplant procedure is the most important chapter of the cosmetic surgery that needs care and concern and choosing the best hair transplant surgeon is the important task to get the assurance for the aesthetic hair transplant surgery.

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