Herpes Simplex Virus – What the doctor says

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Herpes Simplex Virus - What the doctor says

Herpes is a group of small vesicles accumulated on the lip, most of the times to the outer edge, causing inflammation of the skin, reddish and unsightly. It is full of liquid, rupturing over time and forming a crust that heals within a week.

The virus that causes this problem is called herpes simplex (HSV) and two types cause either herpes at the buccal or genital level. You can check it on your own, at home. Find out all about it on http://herpeshometest.net/. Other wounds may also appear, such as fever, swelling of the mouth and feeling uncomfortable with eating food and water, inflammation of the throat, excessive salivation.

Once a person is infected, the lesion can come back anytime during life, with most patients having up to 3-4 episodes per year. In severe cases, incidents can be repeated every month. Before the wound appears, you may experience itching or nausea on the portion of the skin to be affected.

Among the factors that can trigger the return of lesions, the most important are:

– excessive stress;

– weakened immune system, either due to diseases or drugs used in autoimmune diseases;

– hormonal changes during pregnancy;

– hormonal variations in women due to the menstrual cycle;

– fatigue that goes to exhaustion;

– prolonged exposure without sun protection;

– food allergies;

– cold or flu;

– solutions used in dental treatment.

Although most herpes lesions can heal and lonely, affected people can take some steps to relieve the symptoms:

– You can apply some wet and cold compresses several times a day, holding them for 20 minutes, so that the wound is not as swollen and irritated;

– you can take ibuprofen or other painkillers to reduce pain, although in most cases it is not so severe that it requires pills; Read all about it here.

– sodium bicarbonate is very good in combination with water to reduce inflammation;

– use special ointments to reduce irritation;

– Avoid too acidic foods, such as excess citruses or tomatoes;

– use sunscreen creams, especially during summer, when there are extreme temperatures;

– frequently wash your hands;

– Avoid sharing towels, bottles, shavers, cosmetics and other materials in contact with the skin of other people whose health and hygiene you do not know;

– herpes is also transmitted through kissing, so take care of what people are in contact with;

Creams made from pharmacies to treat herpes do not require a prescription and significantly reduce the discomfort experienced during the lesion. Oral, non-prescription medication is best to use at the earliest stage. If you know how the first symptoms of the herpes are manifested, you can manage them even before the lesion appears. Once it gets a crust, the pills are no longer of any help.

Visit this website: https://www.webmd.com/genital-herpes/common-symptoms#1

In some people, the first episode is quite painful, so in the case of young children, you have to take care that they feed and hydrate properly, because of their discomfort they can refuse to do so.

People who have a chronic immune system problem may need a daily treatment until they return to the waterline. Otherwise, herpes will no longer pass, and the lesions may be over-multiplied.

What does the herpetic lesion look like?What does the herpetic lesion look like?

Labial herpes is a group of small vesicles with fluid, located at the lip level and on their outer edge. The skin around these vesicles can be inflamed. The blisters break, the clear liquid is discarded, and a crust is formed, that disappears in 7-10 days. Genital herpes is manifested in the first infection by the same clustered vesicles that break down and form ulcers covered with a crust. In women, they appear on the labia, vagina, cervix and even the urethra, causing urgency in urination, difficulty in urinating and urethral leakage. In men, the vesicles appear on the foreskin, the gland, and the penis. Often, genital herpes is accompanied by fever, chills, headache, adenopathy, poor general condition. In the case of relapses, genital herpes has symptoms of lesser intensity and duration, sometimes even asymptomatic. More rarely, herpes lesions may also appear in other areas of the body if the virus infected a wound, lesion.

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