Garlic Health Benefits & Side Effects

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Garlic Health Benefits and Side Effects

Almost everyone knows about the following garlic health benefits which are, strengthening immunity and fighting a cold, although other useful features of garlic are less known. When it comes to garlic side effects it is usually only mentioned that it causes bad breath. However, garlic has other negative features that can cause serious harm to health.
Let us analyze step-by-step all the useful and harmful properties of garlic:

Garlic Health Benefits

  • Garlic helps treat viral diseases
  • The positive impact of garlic in the treatment of colds and viral infections is caused by the component called, allicin. This helps stop the formation of enzymes which lead to penetration of viruses in our body. The effectiveness of garlic in the treatment of viral diseases is only slightly inferior to antibiotics.

  • Garlic helps the body’s immune system… 
  • Garlic includes protein that contributes to the production of antibodies which protect the body from adverse impacts.

  • Garlic’s antibacterial properties…
  • The antibacterial properties of garlic are caused by phytoncides. Phytoncides garlic:

  • prevents the growth of bacteria
  • is toxic for yeast fungi
  • is toxic for staphylococci
  • is toxic for diphtheria bacilli
  • destroys pathogens of dysentery.
  • garlic lowers cholesterol
  • The aforementioned allicin reduces levels of bad cholesterol in blood, preventing the emergence of atherosclerotic plaques. However, garlic just starts the process! The benefits of garlic in lowering cholesterol are observed within the first few months and then the cholesterol level rises again to its previous state.
    Therefore, garlic can be used for a short-term course of purification of the blood vessels, but is not able to keep the cholesterol level low for a long time. That’s why garlic should not be regarded as an alternative to other methods when struggling with elevated cholesterol, the main one being choosing a healthy way of life and, in particular, the proper food.

  • Garlic is beneficial for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases….
  • The treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases by garlic is related, in particular, to its ability to reduce the level of bad cholesterol, although that benefit is short-lived.
    Apart from that, garlic is useful against high blood pressure: it dilates blood vessels, helping to reduce high blood pressure.

  • Garlic can help prevent heart attack and stroke….
  • Active substance, Ajo, which is present in garlic, reduces blood viscosity and prevents platelet aggregation, which significantly reduces the chance of blood clots.
    More recent studies show the ability of garlic to prevent or slow down the formation of blood clots in blood vessels. Namely, clots cause heart attacks and strokes; thus, garlic lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Garlic Health Benefits, Garlic Side Effects

Garlic Myths

  • Garlic fights cancer
  • There were some rumors in the past that garlic helped fight cancer; however, had that really been true? According to recent studies, it’s been revealed that garlic is of no benefit in the treatment of cancer.

Dangers and Side Effects of Garlic

  • Causes A Bad Smell
  • Everyone knows about the unpleasant smell coming from the mouth after eating even a small piece of garlic.

  • Excess Weight
  • Garlic increases the appetite so and may cause excess weight gain.

  • Diseases of stomach, liver and kidneys
  • Garlic can cause serious damage if one is suffering from diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys. It is contraindicated in:

  • gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer
  • chronic gastritis
  • other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • hepatic diseases
  • renal diseases
  • Garlic is harmful if one has epilepsy
  • Garlic is contraindicated in epilepsy as it can provoke an attack.

  • Garlic is also contraindicated in hemorrhoids
  • Garlic is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation
  • Garlic is harmful for the brain
  • Back in the 1950s, it was known that garlic reduced human reaction by two to three times.  Also, in the 1980s, Dr. Robert C. Beck found in his study of the human brain function that garlic had a detrimental effect on the brain.

CAUTION! In fact there are people whom, after eating garlic, complain of mild headaches, inattention, distraction and some people can not concentrate while working on the computer.


Now you know about the known health benefits and side effects of garlic and the decision whether you should eat garlic or not lies upon you.

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