Denture repair and the reasons for it

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denture repair

Although patients try to save their dentures, reducing the risk of breakage, however, it happens that dentures break down. And if the denture is damaged or destroyed, there is a chance it could get repaired.
Typically, dentures get damaged or broken after falling in the process of cleaning or placement in the mouth. If the denture falls on a hard surface such as a tiled floor or a ceramic sink, it can get broken or get a fissure.
Furthermore, the daily use of the denture for a long time as well as exposure to various temperatures do also cause damage to the denture. By people with bruxism (teeth grinding) dentures experience extra load, increasing the risk of damage.
Can all dentures get repaired?
Dentists estimate damage caused to the denture to find out whether it can be repaired. The dentures which have been broken in three locations, may still be subject to restoration, so one should not despair.
How are dentures repaired?
Dental technician cleans the denture and then applies a dental resin for bonding and sealing its fractures. Separate denture parts are securely glued together, so that it looks and functions like a new one.
If the denture has changed or lost its color due to coffee, tea, cream of tartar, or tobacco, it is best to consult a professional to get it cleaned and save its smooth and glossy surface.
If a tooth is broken away from the denture, its repair should not cause any problems as well as the tooth can quite easily be replaced with a new one, even the old one can be restored if it has no defects.
Denture repair, as just any other case, has a lot of its nuances and requires experience. Independent repair may result in further destruction of denture or oral discomfort, and, as a consequence, to a change in the occlusion, which can seriously affect the function of the mouth.

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