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10 Unhealthy Habits You Should Avoid to Prevent Hair Loss

Who would not wish to have hair like that of Emma Watson, Blake Lively, or Farah Fawcett, well known for their outstanding hair! However, maintaining a beautiful hair is a mere dream for most of us. In addition, hair loss is the major culprit behind it often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, American Academy of Dermatology suggests. Having a nourishing, long, and ravishing hair is every woman’s desire. However, it will depend on your urge for wanting a pleasing hair. So today we compiled below a list of 10 habits that you must discard, to prevent losing your hair further:
1. Coloring and bleaching your hair

If you want to get your hair colored for pleasure, then its fine since it has no harm. However, bleaching your hair is an absolute no. Nevertheless, if you want it bleached, always get your hair colored by an expert to avoid inconveniences. In addition, do not expose your hair to these kinds of treatments repeatedly as the chemical will make your hair dull and brittle. You should also visit a trusted hair vendor for advice on what suits your hair best.
2. Vigorous brushing

Please, women, your hair is much gentle, so do not apply excessive force while brushing them. Forceful brushing produces static electricity; this will make your hair weak. So please even if you see yourself late for a meeting or for a date of your lifetime, just be gentle while brushing your hair.
3. Using hair accessories

You should stop the habit of decorating your hair with pretty pins, or maybe you like to experiment with its length using curly extensions if you have straight hair. So just be sure to use only the quality ones. The bad-quality accessories may damage your hair. The materials used in making the pins are bad for the scalp. Furthermore, they usually are tangled in your hair and cause irritation to the hair roots. Consistently look for good quality while choosing your hair accessories.
4. Grooming wet hair

Yes, we know that if you groom your hair when they are wet, they always remain straight. However always remember that there is always a catch for that woman. Let me put you to the light when you come out of the shower, your hair is still wet, and the roots of your hair are their tender most state. If you de-tangle them when they are still wet, then you will lose a big bunch of your hair. So, just give your time to dry up and then proceed with the grooming.
5. Frequent use of blow drier

If you use your hand dryer to dry your hair once in a while or in cases of emergencies then its fine. However, it should not become a daily routine. The blow drier will damage your hair beyond repair; regular use of the hand dryer will weaken your hair miserable. This can cause you to lose a bunch of your hair. In order to maintain your pretty hair, just let your hair dry naturally.
6. Unbalanced diet

Your hair is as good as your diet. If you take too much of intoxicating drinks like alcohol or even caffeinated products, it will all reflect upon your hair. You should eat a wholesome and balanced diet. In addition, always try to incorporate proteins and irons in your meals since they are good for your hair growth and maintenance. Imagine that if your body lacks sufficient nutrients, it is your hair to pay the price. Therefore, you should try to exercise yourself sometimes even if it is occasionally; this is good for your health. These will relieve your body from the haphazard nutritional intake that might hinder healthy hair growth.
7. Not enough sleep

Your sleep play a big role, if you have bad sleeping habits, you will never have healthy hair. When you sleep, your body gets enough time to relax and rejuvenate. When you do not have enough sleep you are doing injustice to your hair since your body will not have enough time to relax. Having enough sleep is advisable for good hair growth. Yes, there is a reason why it is termed as ‘beauty sleep’.
8. Leaving your hair dirty

Women always limit themselves on days to wash their hair. This is wrong! According to dermatologists, it is advisable to wash your hair as soon as you notice an oily scalp. A clean scalp boosts hair growth. So it is wrong to mark days on the calendar on when to have a head wash. You can always buy a mild shampoo and wash your hair daily; these will make your hair look beautiful and healthy.
9. Too much application of oil

Although hair oils are good for hair growth and dry hair but choking your scalp with oil every time is the most unfair way to treat your hair. Your body by default produces sufficient oil for the roots of the hair. Instead, you should only concentrate on oiling the tip of the strands rather than oiling the roots. However, if you are going for a deep scalp oil massage, just make sure to rinse off your hair within an hour for good results.
10. Excessive chemical application to your hair

We know that you must apply hairsprays and other chemicals that you use for styling your hair. The chemicals are adding no value to your hair but just worsening the condition of your hair. These amount of chemicals you expose your hair too will ultimately lead you to lose your hair. Therefore, you should avoid these products like plague. Moreover, you should make your shampoo and conditioner as natural as possible. This will save you from losing your hair inappropriately.
Well, always keep in mind all these points, and have the most stupendous hair that will be the dream of every single woman around you.