Cinnamon Health Benefits And The Side Effects

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Cinnamon Health Benefits

While the medical research is still trying to determine the cinnamon health benefits, many still do consider this a very therapeutic treatment in various health related issues. Using this product in cooking recipes, and sprinkling it onto various high carbohydrate foods has been shown to help with blood sugar levels. However, for those that are taking certain medications, they need to also be aware of certain side effects that could harm them when consuming this product. Talking with the persons own health care provider can also prove to be beneficial.

Many cultures have relied on the cinnamon benefits to help them cure various diseases such as digestive issues, helping certain diabetic patients, to lower their blood sugar levels, treating certain yeast infections, and these are just to mention a few. Cinnamon can best be described as being a spice. Furthermore, some lab reports have indicated that a person that consumed this spice in their daily eating habits managed to help reduce their cholesterol levels.

Having said that, there are certain types of this spice that the person needs to pay attention to when purchasing it at their stores. Some manufactures will have a herb called “cassia”, which looks and tastes just like cinnamon. However, to get the true cinnamon benefits, the person will want to make certain they read the label to see if the product has “Ceylon cinnamon” in the active ingredient.

When a person is wanting to get all the benefits from using this particular herb there are certain guidelines that will need to be followed. Depending on what the person is using this spice for will help them to determine the proper amount to take. Some have recommended to take at least 1 teaspoon daily, mixed in with the food of choice.

This will equal up anywhere between 2 to 4 grams of powder. While other studies have indicated that a person should take anywhere from 1 gram up to 6 grams daily. This can be done either in the powder form, or for those that are buying their cinnamon organic, they can shave the necessary amount, but will need to be certain they use the proper measuring scales, or spoons to ensure they do not consume too much at one time.

Cinnamon BenefitsCinnamon Side Effects

For many, gaining the cinnamon health benefits has never caused them any negative side effects. However, certain individuals that take medications should use caution when applying this spice to any of their meals. For those patients that take blood thinners especially, they should not take this spice as it does have some anti clogging elements to it.

Furthermore, for anyone that might be getting ready to have surgery, they should also not take this spice. Another side effect that some individuals did report when these studies were conducted, was having some stomach issues. While many people do use this spice to help with their digestive problems, those that have an ulcer, or have been diagnosed with irritable bowel should use caution with the amount that they consume.

Sometimes, even having the best information when it comes to using certain spices to treat some health conditions people can still struggle with the proper use of this super food. Having said that, while there are many cinnamon health benefits that can help certain people there is yet another group that it might be the best choice. For those that have liver, or kidney health related complications, taking high doses of this spice can be toxic.

For that reason, those types of individuals that have been mentioned in this article will want to be certain that they consult with their own family doctor. Together the patient, and the doctor should be able to determine if the cinnamon health benefits can be applied to their own medical treatment plan. Taking the time to talk this over before consuming any type of cinnamon could be beneficial as to the outcome the person will have using this spice on a daily bases.

Trying to determine the cinnamon benefits along with their possible side effects for certain people can at first be challenging. However, for those who would like to try cinnamon as their own natural remedy, consulting with your own practitioner will be key to your success. Finally, reading the food labels to ensure the person is actually getting the true cinnamon spice can also play an important role as to how much better they will feel once they start this natural super food regime.

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