Afinox Blast Chillers to cool food quickly and limit bacteria

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Blast chiller

Blast chillers and freezers are designed to cool food quickly and limit the growth of bacteria that would otherwise have enough time to multiply if it took a lot of time for the food to cool. As such, these chillers are ideal for commercial and home use or in any other establishment where food in prepared in bulk and has to be frozen for later use.
The Afinox blast chillers perform the above functions and so much more. Produced by Afinox, a company that is known to produce top quality refrigeration equipment to suit different users’ needs, this brand has been around since early in the eighties. Modern technology however is incorporated in the production process to ensure that the brand remains competitive by manufacturing refrigeration products that are in line with current customer requirements.
Here are some of the product features that make this particular brand of chiller the ideal companion in every kitchen:

1. Shock chilling ability up to to 3 degrees Celsius in about an hour and a half. This ensures that the food chills to a level that does not allow bacteria growth pretty fast. The fast chilling also ensures that weight loss that is experienced with prolonged chilling is minimized and this means that the chilled foods remain succulent and maintain the desired quantity.

2. Shock freezing capacity to -18 degrees Celsius in slightly more than two hours. This fast chilling in combination with the fast chilling ensures that food items can be stored for a longer time and still maintain the taste of freshly made food.

3. Stainless steel interior for easy cleaning in order to ensure that high levels of hygiene are maintained.

The blast chiller comes in four main models. These models are made to ensure that most if not all users requirements are met when it comes to blast chilling and freezing. These include:

One. A compact blast freezer that takes up very little space. It is most suitable for bars and pubs.

Basic. An innovative piece that is small enough and ideal for daily use. The quality of service delivered, ease of use and the affordability of this chiller makes it ideal for most users. This model has the capacity to chill from 9-40 Kg and freeze from 7-58 Kg.

Infinity. A multitasking equipment that is a must have in a busy kitchen. This piece acts as a slow cooking equipment and still acts as a shock chiller and freezer. This makes it ideal for anyone looking for a two in one apparatus that saves on time and money not to mention its high level of effectiveness.

E-ABB. This line is known to be a good choice where top performance is a requirement. The chiller comes in three main sizes to fit different users’ requirements and comes at a price that is affordable.

Whatever line you choose, you can never go wrong with an Afinox Chiller. Pick the line that meets all your need and enjoy great innovative pieces that will work to ensure that your food stays safe to eat and healthy for longer and still tastes just as good.

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