6 things you can do for better brain health tomorrow

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6 things for better brain healthWhen it comes to improving your physical health, the steps are clear – more exercise, strength training, and a healthy diet is the usual recipe to get your body in shape, but when it comes to your mental health, the solution isn’t so obvious. Better brain health doesn’t have to be such a mystery – there are lots of things you can start doing even tomorrow to increase your brain’s functioning and stave off memory issues in old age.

  1. Have fish for dinner

You can get most vitamins from the foods you eat, but keep in mind most Americans are deficient in omega 3s and eat way too many Omega 6s, which leads to many health problems. According to the University of Maryland, humans don’t produce omega 3s on their own, and getting enough is essential for your brain. Without enough, you’ll feel tired, have mood swings, become depressed, and your memory will decline, so make sure you get enough omega 3s by eating fish a few times a week.

  1. Workout your body to workout your brain

Dozens of studies have proven just how important exercise is, not just for your physical health, but your mental health as well. When you exercise regularly and stay fit, you lose less brain tissue as you age, which also results in better cognitive function. Research also shows people who exercise more improve their mood, protect their memory, and are better able to respond to challenges. Basically, exercise is a brain enhancement supplement, only more natural.

  1. Vary your routine

Life is pretty unpredictable, but daily routines can bring some consistency and help you build healthy habits. However, sometimes they can get boring and even too predictable, which is why you should vary them every once in a while. Scientists believe breaking your routine stimulates the brain to build new connections, and also helps you think more creatively. Try taking a different way to work, using a new app, or varying your workout.

  1. Practice memory tricks

If you have trouble remembering grocery lists, people’s names, and forget where you put your keys sometimes, you may just need a better strategy. Studies show brain training can be an effective tool to improve memory, speed, and reasoning. Glozine Health News has lots of tips for improving memory, but some common tips include telling a story to remember lists, categorizing items, and dividing numbers into more manageable chunks.

  1. Sign up for a class at a community college or park district

Studies show a strong association between learning and cognition – generally, people who have higher levels of education have healthier brains in later life. A longitudinal study looking at nearly 2,000 people found through surveys and tests that people who had more education had better verbal memory and fluency. If you also take a class on an unfamiliar subject or learn a new skill, it’ll boost the benefits even more – a recent study found that when older adults learn something new and complex, like digital photography, new connections form in the brain to keep it sharp.

  1. Download an app to learn a new language

Many studies have shown that people who can speak a second language have better brain functioning. Because they have two sets of ways to name objects, and view the world, their brain has to decide constantly which to use, which means it’s always active and discerning. It’s more than language – people who are bilingual have more gray matter, have more attention, are better at managing conflict, and have better memories in old age and may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Some people try to find fast track solutions to better cognition, and although popular supplements like Cogniflex

may show some results, the only way to improve your brain and its connections in a lasting and completely natural way is by incorporating small changes into your daily life, like the ones listed above.


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