5 beneficial tips for skin tanning that helps the skin to stay nourished

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Tanning has become an eye-catching beauty regime which has eventually attracted many females. Tan makes one look healthy and glowing rather than pale, and that’s why women are opting for a dark look rather than the pale look. Most of the females are opting for a tanning skin to look beautiful in the bronze color. There are many ways one can get a beautiful tan, but by keeping some tips and precaution in mind. There are artificial ways by going to tanning sessions and booths or eating tanning pills, but one can opt for natural ways too.

If one is opting for the natural ways, then there are certain precautions one needs to take while bathing in the sun. Most people sit under sun to take vitamin D, as it is very essential for the body; it is considered that exposing to sun also treats many diseases. Deficiency of vitamin D can cause cancer, heart diseases, osteoporosis and other diseases. Sunlight is considered the best source of Vitamin D and along with a good diet and exercise; one can be healthy and fit. One cannot just take the sunlight directly; there are many factors that one needs to keep in mind while enjoying a tan.

Tanning is fashionable these days as flaunting shiny and lustrous skin is way more appealing than normal natural skin tone. Along with that it saves a lot of time applying the bronze makeup all over the body. There are many techniques which can be used to get artificial tans at home or at tanning parlors. There are several products in market that will save time and money for a person and one will get a natural tan at home. These techniques are simple and useful and one can get a beautiful tan without getting exposed to sun.

Excessive exposure to sun can damage one’s skin to an extent that can lead to many diseases; including skin cancer, so there are some steps one need to follow while getting a tan.

Exfoliate the skin

While heading towards the beach for a tan, one should exfoliate; it is an essential step. Exfoliate the skin thoroughly because the dead skin at the top of one’s skin will flake off. The natural tan achieved will remain for a week; if one doesn’t exfoliate the skin will appear burnt. Exposing to sun can also result in sun burn which tends to damages the upper skin and will result in rashes and itchiness. So before heading to the beach, exfoliate all the exposed parts of the body properly.

Take care of sunburns

When one expose the skin to the sun for too long, there can be sunburn; however, sunburn can result in a tan after few days but the damage had been done to the skin. These sunburns can be peeled of days later which can make one’s skin look uneven and there’s a risk for skin cancer too. So when heading to get a tan, lay in the sun for an hour or two; exposure to sun for too long may cause some serious damage to the skin.

A good suntan lotion

Perfect sun tan means exposing oneself for a considerate amount of time in sun. Sun has become harsh these days; the ultra-violet rays one gets is not safe. It may develop serious issues in a person. So to avoid such a condition, use a suntan lotion with SPF. A suntan lotion with SPF will protect one’s skin from harmful rays and prevents one from many diseases. The SPF filters some of the damaged sun rays that would protect one’s skin. There many companies that provides best skin care products ; opt for a good suntan lotion with SPF from these products.

Even Tan

Getting an even tan is important when tanning outside; avoid sun exposure for long hours and opt for a time that is perfect. The sun is strongest at 10 am to 2 pm, and it is the best time to get an overall tan. Lay on a blanket because it will help to tan from the sides. One should lay on back from 20-30 minutes and on front side for the same side. After a few days one can see the results and can increase the time to get a perfect tan.

Other precautions

Wear sunglasses to avoid damage to eyes, because eyes are very sensitive and UV rays can damage them. Wear protective and good sunglasses. Keep oneself hydrated because the body is exposed to the sun and the water level in the body should not go down. So having juices and water will keep one fresh and hydrated.


Tanning is the new beauty trend to enhance one’s personality, but indulging in it brings a lot of damage. While exposing the body to the sun, keep these tips in mind and take precautions. Sunlight is important for one’s body which helps in fighting many diseases but over exposure can lead to the same. So be careful while heading out in sun.

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