10 Unhealthy Habits You Should Avoid to Prevent Hair Loss

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10 Unhealthy Habits You Should Avoid to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is becoming a common disorder day by day. Hair loss is experienced by both me and women at some stage. If someone losses 100 hair strands everyday than this is normal situation but if the number of strands is more than this number than it’s an alarming situation. And more often than not, bad health habits are the cause behind hair loss as American Academy of Dermatology suggests.

There are various factors which lead to hair loss. Extreme stress, anxiety, excessive medications, and depression often lead to hair loss. Moreover, there are other factors too which contribute to hair loss. This includes genetic inheritance, biological disorders, and hormonal imbalance. Besides all these, there are other things which we do on regular basis without even knowing that it would cause harm to our hair. There are various remedies to control hair loss. Some suggest scale massage, healthy diet, relaxation, and certain exercises too but there are certain habits which if eluded can control hair loss.

This article will provide you with information about various unhealthy habits you should avoid to prevent hair loss.

Leaving them untidy:

Leaving them untidy

Hair loss takes place when your hairs are properly washed or they are dirty. It is a matter of common observation that many women’s believed to only wash their hair twice or thrice in a week as in this way hair remains healthy but this irrational thought is extremely wrong. It is suggested that if you want to prevent hair loss than you have to wash your hair whenever you feel the scalp is getting much oily.

The dermatologists also suggest that a clean scalp promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. If you wants to prevent hair loss than you must keep them tidy and clean. Wash your hairs regularly with a mild and balanced shampoo.

Avoid excessive oiling:

Avoid excessive oilingAlthough hair oils are good for hair growth and dry hair but choking your scalp with oil every time is the most unfair way to treat your hair. Massaging the hair scalp can increase blood supply to the hair scalp and promotes hair growth but excessive oiling can cause hair problems. The hair scalp already provides oil and if we apply oil for more than a day than it won’t be good for our hair. Thus, to prevent hair problems it is suggested to avoid leaving oily hair or excessive oil in your hair. It is recommended that when you apply oil to your hair so; wash them in an hour or two.

Avoid vigorous brushing:

Avoid vigorous brushingVigorous brushing should be prevented to avoid hair loss. This is because when you brush your hair vigorously for a prolonged period of time then static electricity is produced in the hair which weakens them from the scalp and it ultimately leads to hair loss.

Avoid using hair tools:

Avoid using hair toolsHair tools are best for giving you a flawless look. The hair tools most probably the hair dryer, straightener, and curlers are frequently used among the women without realizing how much harm they would be causing to our hair. These hair tools when used frequently damage the natural hair surface and in extreme cases cause breakage of hair. Thus, it is recommended to limit the use of different hair tools for better quality of hair. You should stop the habit of decorating your hair with pretty pins, or maybe you like to experiment with its length using curly extensions if you have straight hair. So just be sure to use only the quality ones.

Avoid using hair chemicals:Avoid using hair chemicals

Many people like to color their hair. They often use hair color dye of different quality. Some of the hair colors contain unsafe chemicals which damage the hair. Hair color usually contains hydrogen peroxide and ammonia which results in hair loss. The DTH chemical is another harmful chemical found in shampoos which causes thinning of hair. Thus, dermatologist suggests avoiding the of hair chemicals product to prevent hair loss. But people can use homemadeherbal products for hair color.

Swimming in chlorinated water:

Swimming in chlorinated waterIf you love doing swimming than you must be cautious while doing so because swimming can damage your hair and can cause hair loss. Swimming water is usually mixed with chlorine and chlorine decolorizes your hair also if stays for a longer time in hair causes harm to the hair scalp which ultimately leads to hair loss. To prevent your hair from getting declared or getting thin it is suggested to wear a swimming cap while swimming and soon after swimming dry your hair so that chlorine doesn’t stay there.

Avoid reckless backcombing:

Avoid reckless backcombingToo much hair teasing can cause split ends and breakage of hair. When you do backcomb or other related stuff so, it does result in tangles and eventually leads to hair loss. Thus, it is recommended to do it in a proper way and if you’re new so first practice it on a dummy and then to your hair.

Avoid brushing wet hair:

Avoid brushing wet hairThe human hair is weak when they are wet. Therefore, it is advised that avoid brushing your hair when they are wet because it causes hair loss. Also, when you wash your hair so there is no need to cover it with a towel. This causes our hair to get rubbed with the towel which results in breakage. Hence, firstly hair should be left open when they are washed and should be combed after they are completely dry.

Avoiding hot showers:

Avoiding hot showersWhen you wash your hair with hot water instead of cold water so, it pulls out the natural oil released from the scalp and makes your hair dull and dry. The dry hair when doesn’t receive the natural moisturizer becomes weak and falls apart. Thus, to avoid hair fall it is suggested to avoid hot showers.

Avoid unhealthy diet:

Avoid unhealthy dietIt is advised to take some special diet or add nutrition’s in routine food to avoid hair loss. But if you didn’t eat healthy food and frequently rely on alcohol or caffeine products then your hair won’t be nourished properly and will fall soon. Thus, it is recommended to eat a healthy diet and avoid eating stuff which is not good for hair growth.

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