10 High-Protein Foods Best For Energy And Body Building

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10 High-Protein Foods Best For Energy And Body Building

Is there anybody around who does not want to change the way they look? Are you happy with the way you look every time you see yourself in the mirror? Are you tired of being called skinny or fat? To be different and feel awesome about your looks, are you interested in strengthening your muscles? In this guide, we are going to discuss the high protein foods for bodybuilders.

As you know, bodybuilding will help you improve your confidence level. The fact that you can be the one who everyone is looking at will make you feel great. You will love the attention you get from people when you move around

The body building process does not happen as easily as we say it. It involves strenuous physical exercise to strengthen and enlarge our body muscles. When we workout, the muscle fibers are damaged by the stress of weight lifting; A special process is started by the body to repair the damaged muscle fibers, and this eventually results in the growth of individual muscle cells.

Amino acids which are termed as the building blocks of life are highly essential for this growth of muscles. Protein is composed of the small amino acid unit, and that’s why intake of protein is essential for bodybuilders.Let’s include the following high protein foods which are considered as the best for bodybuilders:

1. Lean Beef

It’s true that beef contains cholesterol and saturated fat; however, it provides asignificant amount of essential Protein, Vitamins, and minerals to our body. For body builders, intake of beef is very important for muscle growth and development. The potentially adverse effect of meat can be decreased by low-fat preparation method.

You can even go for leaner cuts of beef like Loin and round with the best butcher’s knife as it can be easily cooked over a high flame and consumed to meet the protein needs of our body.

2. Eggs

Eggs are rich in Protein and will also provide you with a variety of vitamins and minerals which are essential for muscle development. Both yolk and white of egg contain similar amounts of protein. Eggs can be cooked and eaten as such or can be made a part of other dishes.

Hard boiled eggs are the most portable ones. Egg protein is considered to be the most readily consumable protein with the highest biological value of any whole food.

3. Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts consist of 30% protein, and no wonder bodybuilders love it because it contains more protein and less fat considering other cuts of chicken like legs or thigh. It is also considered as good source of minerals like magnesium, Iron, and Vitamins which are essential for our body.

4. Lamb

With 100 grams serving of lamb, you can meet half of the protein requirement per day. By intake of lamb, you can top up your iron reserves also. There are plenty of delicious lamb recipes available. You can select your favorite lamb recipe with anamazing array of spices and thus supply the required protein for your muscles.

5. Fish

10 High-Protein Foods Best For Energy And Body BuildingWhen it comes to bodybuilding, Fishes also are there in the competition of suppliers of Protein. 100gms of fish will yield around 25% of protein and is also packed with other nutrients essentially for thebuilding of muscles. Smoked Salmons are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and is a low-calorie food. Freeze smoked salmons in plastic freezer bags, and that stays for over 3 to 6 months.

Salmon is good for both your heart and the brain, and that’s attributed to the Omega 3 fatty acids it contains.

6. Nuts and Seeds

Nutslike almonds, cashews, and pistachios are packed with full of protein, and they are also rich sources of monosaturated fats and magnesium which are good for the heart. Nuts contain proteins, fats, and fibers and allow you to get extra calories without having them pack your waistline.

Seeds of watermelon, Pumpkins, and squash are also high protein foods and are quite handy.

7. Cottage Cheese

Good news for vegetarians! Cottage cheese is considered as a rich supplier of proteins and body builders include cottage cheese among other body building foods without fail. The cottage contains a high amount of casein, which will result in increasing the blood amino acid levels.

Cottage cheese also contains good bacteria that help in thebreak down all the nutrients to absorb and get bigger and stronger. Cottage cheese also contains Vitamin B-12, and you get multiple benefits from consuming it.

8. Oysters

Oysters are agood source of proteins and other important vitamins needed by our body. Vitamin B 12 provides us plenty of energy and will help us balance the cholesterol level. Three medium sized oysters will provide 100% vitamin B 12 for our body in addition to 4 grams of protein supply.

9. Tofu

Tofu is derived from soybeans and is widely used by Vegan and Vegetarians as a substitute for meat as it gives the maximum benefit of quality protein source. Tofu is also an excellent source of calcium. There are other soy-based products available in the market like tempeh,the most nutritious of all soy products, is a high protein food.

This can blindly opt as a protein source if you are having a no meat diet or if you want to reduce the intake of meat.

10. Cooked Brown Rice

Brown rice is a staple in bodybuilders’ diet,and it supplies around 5 grams of protein per cup. It also has ahigh amount of branched amino acids making it an excellent vegetarian muscle building food. Brown rice helps in the sustained release of energy required for a fitness enthusiast.

There are other sources of Protein widely available like milk and water, which will also help in keeping the muscles hydrated to enhance the muscle development process.

You might have understood the importance of proteins in body building, and your diet should always contain food which can supply the required amount of Protein. You can try these high protein foods which are rich sources of proteins in your diet and find the difference.

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