Green Tea Benefits and Side Effects

Green Tea Benefits and Side EffectsGreen contains more than 300 different substances such as: carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and vitamins: C1, B1, B2, OT, B5, K, and P. In addition, green tea contains: calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, sodium, silicon, phosphorus and its compounds. Please note: not all green tea substances have been identified to date.

Green Tea Benefits

    • Green tea (due to polyphenols) is credited with preventing cancer and disease
    • Most scientists tend to the conclusion that green tea prevents coronary artery disease, especially in the beautiful half of humanity.
    • Dutch scientists study has confirmed that daily consumption of 1 – 2 cups of green tea would reduce the risk of atherosclerosis of the aorta by 46%
    • Weight loss

If the cause of excess weight is reduction of metabolic processes of the body, then daily consumption of green tea helps fight obesity. Studies have shown that the nutrients contained in green tea speeded up metabolism and helped burn calories.

    • Green tea lowers bad cholesterol in the blood.
    • Blood Pressure

Regular drinking of green tea is believed to lower the risk of high .

    • Proper liver function

Green tea contains catechins, a type of plant antioxidant that according to studies promotes proper liver function, eliminating liver fat accumulation. Green tea also protects the liver against toxins which could otherwise accumulate and cause significant damage.

However, green tea is not a panacea for all ills, it also has its drawbacks.
Health Benefits of Green Tea and Side Effects

Green tea side effects

    • Caffeine, which is part of green tea, has an insidious effect that is addictive.

Abuse of strong teas, including green tea, can lead to: insomnia, morning sickness, increased irritability, dizziness and heart palpitations.

  • Nursing mothers should be aware that caffeine, which is contained in all tea drinks, can cause insomnia in infants.
  • Excessive drinking of strong green tea can cause disorders in adults.

How much green tea to drink?

Some studies recommend 2-3 teacups (not mugs) a day to be beneficial to health. However, consuming up to 5 teacups a day has been shown to lower stomach cancer risk. For , the best results have been revealed with drinking 7 cups a day. Drinking 10 cups is thought to be the upper limit.

Health Benefits of Green Tea
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10 thoughts on “Green Tea Benefits and Side Effects

  1. I had Severe Stomach pain/Stomach Nausea during morning because drinking more green tea or eating other Antioxidants with Green tea. Try to Vomit as much as you can (Light yellow type fluid comes while Vomitting and after that we will feel normal) and immediately eat some easy digestable food and be relaxed and try to avoid other Antioxidants with Green tea.

    Some people drink Green tea with Lemon.. Its good but add only little Lemon (For a cup of Green tea add half piece Lemon extract)

    If you feel our body is getting more heat (due to Heavy Exercise or Workout) then drink Butter mink,Tendor Coconut and Lemon juice to cool our body.

    Try to drink Green tea after you have some food and avoid drinking Green tea in empty stomach

  2. I have been diagnosed with kidney stones (one is particularly big according to x-rays). I can’t pay for the procedure to “shoot” them as I don’t have medical benefits but had been advised to drink the following:
    ~ 250ml pure lemonjuice: mornings (on empty stomach) and evenings (before bed) or a 250ml cup mixed with pure lemonjuice and warm water;
    ~ lemonjuice or green tea every 2 hours during the week.
    Apparently it will help to “melt” the kidney stones and I will be able to pass it through normal urination.

  3. I am 33 M my body weight is 127 Kg. I want to reduce my body weight. If I consume 10 – 12 cups of Green tea without Sugar can I reduce my body weight To 80 KG in 3 months??? Please help me & guide me

    • Hi Giri: It’s important to note that proper diet and exercise are absolutely vital to successful weight loss and healthy living. Try to walk at least 20-30 minutes a day and reduce caloric intake to between 1300-1500 calories, taking in more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Stay away from processed foods as much as possible. Make a strict timed meal plan if that helps, but be consistent. We have to train our bodies to be healthy again. Green tea is a fantastic addition to any weight loss routine, but don’t overdo it. It’s a detoxifying agent, and too much of it can throw your body’s systems out of balance and do more harm than good. Aim for 3 cups of green tea with fresh squeezed lemon juice and increase water intake to 2-3 L every day. If you follow these changes, you will start to see significant changes within the first few weeks. Good luck!

    • No Giri. 12 cups is just way way too much. What has worked miraculously in just two weeks ( lost 8 kg) is drinking 2 boiled tea ,2 liters of water + 20 green tea bags + 20 parsley tea bags. Drink it EVERY DAY,Constantly-DO NOT ever stop it for 2 weeks. You will believe it when you see the results. My friend shocked me after 2 weeks of not seeing her . She dropped from size 46 ( European size pants for women) to 42 almost could fit 40. Amazing!!! Good luck 🙂

  4. I have some skin problems, skin rashes, white spots anywhere in my skin. I treated many times, it was useless treatment. Then I followed
    the green tea, alhamdulillah it has worked…
    Sorry for my bad English

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